[VIDEO] As Always, President Trump Has Most Interesting “Spin” On Biden’s Bicycle Fall

[VIDEO] As Always, President Trump Has Most Interesting “Spin” On Biden’s Bicycle Fall

You can always count on President Trump to have the best “spin” on a situation, and the recent Biden bike fall is no exception.


As you know, Biden fell off his bike, while he was standing still.

His foot got caught in the peddle, and he went down like a sack of hammers.

Biden’s motor skills ain’t what they used to be, are they?

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Well, President Trump has chimed in on the latest fall, and he actually had a very interesting “spin” on it (pun intended).

President Trump has always said that one of his greatest fears is tripping and falling in public, so I think he actually has some empathy for poor old Joe for the “falling” stuff.

Trump mentioned the fall and said that he hoped Biden was okay, and then the funniest and best part came right after…


I think watching Biden hit the ground like an anchor impacted him…

President Trump made a “pledge” to the American people… He vowed he would NEVER ride a bike.

Ha ha ha. 

You can watch the video below:

President Trump gets it… why put yourself in a situation to fall or be humiliated, if you don’t have to?

And that’s was the “karma payback” for Biden’s Handlers.

All they wanted to do was get a photo op of Joe appearing to be “fit and agile” on his bike, so they could combat all the legitimate questions about his frailty and mental issues.


Once again, they planned to manipulate and lie to us… but karma said, “Not today, sir…”

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