The Truth About What’s Really Going On With All The “Trump vs DeSantis 2024” Talk

The Truth About What’s Really Going On With All The “Trump vs DeSantis 2024” Talk

I’m going to give you my opinion on what’s really going on with the DeSantis/Trump stuff you’re likely seeing all over the internet.


My guess is that you’re hearing a lot right now about a “DeSantis vs Trump” matchup in the 2024 primary, right? If not, you will be…

It’s no coincidence this really hard push against Trump is coming at this very moment, right when the January 6th Committee stunt is unfolding.

Trust me, this is all part of the plan to oust Trump and bust up MAGA.

Suddenly, you’re seeing all these polls, pitting DeSantis against Trump and DeSantis edging up on him and even beating Trump in some cases.

Please, give me a break… that’s not actually happening. 

I gotta be honest. When I write a story on DeSantis doing something GREAT, it gets hardly any engagement. And that’s not because what he did isn’t amazing, it’s just because DeSantis isn’t a big “national name.”

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However, he’s very much part of a right-wing Twitter bubble, that’s for damn sure.

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On top of these polls, you’re also seeing a lot of “moderate” conservative influencers online publishing a slew of positive tweets and posts about DeSantis, and gently telling you that while Trump was great, and he laid the groundwork, it’s time for somebody new, and that guy is DeSantis, etc., etc.

Early on, some of these influencers were not so “gentle” about pushing DeSantis over Trump.

They were actually getting pretty nasty about it and bashing Trump and starting arguments with MAGA. I saw them get walloped very hard by MAGA, and they lost a lot of followers. So, many of these influencers regrouped and approached this topic in a much “kinder and gentler” way.

“We’re one of you, MAGA… why would we lie??” 

These conservative influencers (gently) argue that the media and Dems desperately WANT a Trump re-match because they know they can beat him again … “again.”

Keep that word “again” in mind… because most of the influencers online who are pushing the DeSantis 2o24 stuff either don’t believe 2020 was rigged or they do, and just never mentioned it publicly because they didn’t want to get labeled a “Q-kook,” or they were just ready to jump off the chaotic Trump Train and saw 2020 as a perfect way to do that.

Many of these influencers, while great on a lot of social issues, have never been Trump supporters.

They may support a version of “America First” but they just don’t like Trump.

Let me give you an example — Matt Walsh.

He’s fantastic when it comes to defending children from the demonic left. He stood up for them regarding the vaccine and masks and he’s also been a really strong voice against this gender-confusion mental illness crud that’s going on. But he’s never been a Trump supporter.

As a matter of fact; I would label him “Never Trump,” but my guess is that he reluctantly voted for him. I could be wrong, though.

But Matt likes DeSantis.


And believe me, there are a lot of “Matt Walsh” types out there — trust me, not everyone who doesn’t like Trump is a member of the Lincoln Project.

DeSantis appeals to these more “moderate rebels” like Walsh because they don’t have to defend him as much or in the same way as they would Trump. In their opinion, DeSantis doesn’t have that same “messy/chaos” energy that Trump does. He’s not “uncouth,” and doesn’t say weird stuff that makes them feel uncomfortable. DeSantis has that “political polish” to him, while still being a fighter, and they like that much better than Trump’s “bull in a china shop” approach.

These types of “moderate rebels” like Walsh want a fighter, but they don’t want a dirty street fighter, like Trump. They want a sophisticated fighter who won’t embarrass them with mean tweets and call John McCain a loser and a coward, etc.

They don’t want to defend comments like that because it makes them uncomfortable and makes them look bad to their counterparts on the left.

Left-wing influencers would pounce when Trump made those types of comments and mocked very “righteous” right-wing influencers relentlessly for supporting an “Orange Oaf.”

And all influencers have delicate egos, even right-wing ones.  

Granted, these influencers also have legitimate policy gripes with President Trump. His staffing was questionable. He got into a lot of trouble by surrounding himself with the wrong people.

I get that, and it is a concern, but I also think there’s more to it. It’s difficult surrounding yourself with trustworthy people when nearly everyone in DC is a deep state pig.

So, this is where a lot of the DeSantis vs Trump stuff is coming from.

But there’s more to it than just that…

The real backers of the DeSantis vs Trump stuff are the GOP establishment and Dems.

Let me explain:

The GOP establishment would love DeSantis over Trump because they can control DeSantis easier.

Remember, at the end of the day, DeSantis is still a slick politician.

He’s a good one, yes, but he’s still a member of the “club.”

He’s NOT an “outsider,” folks. He just isn’t…

He’s also not the loose cannon Trump is and doesn’t command an army of MAGA supporters like Trump does, and he never will. He doesn’t have the showman personality for it, and that’s okay. It’s very rare to come upon a “Trump” persona.

The GOP would love nothing more than to eliminate, or at least “dull down” MAGA, which is about 1000X worse for them than the Tea Party was, and we saw what happened to the Tea Party…

And hatred for MAGA is also something Dems and GOP establishment can agree on.

Both of them want nothing more than to rid the earth of “MAGA” and the ONLY way to do that is to make sure President Trump doesn’t run… and if they can cause a wedge in MAGA by pushing DeSantis, they will.

You’ll recall earlier when I mentioned the argument these conservative influencers are making, where they claim Dems and media WANT Trump because they know he’ll lose “again.”

They claim he’ll lose either because he’s so polarizing and chaotic, or because the Deep State is so scared of him, that they’ll never allow Trump in the WH again.

First off, again, Dems DO NOT WANT Trump to run. If they did, they wouldn’t be putting on this J6 “dog and pony” show that’s actually hurting them politically.

In addition, they wouldn’t have hired huge PR firms to figure out ways to destroy MAGA.

Look, the influence of President Trump is unmatched.

He’s a political behemoth and a tsunami of power… Dems do not want to face that again, trust me, and neither does the GOP establishment.

They would need a much bigger pandemic to bring him down a second time, and they know it.

So, once again, the two sides, the GOP establishment, and the Dems are coming together to stop their mutual enemy, and this time they’re trying a different approach…

They’re using a popular, but less bombastic, and more easily controlled politician to reach their goal.

Ron DeSantis.

I reckon Dems figure they could beat DeSantis at the polls in 2024 by creating so much animosity between MAGA and DeSantis supporters that in the end, the vote would be severely fractured.

And I think they’re probably right…


Like it or not, President Trump is the undisputed leader of the Republican Party, and the nomination is his if he wants it… and if he doesn’t want it, he will endorse someone else… It’s really that simple, and that complicated, depending on how you want to look at it.

And regardless of anyone’s intent, whether they think they’re helping or hurting by pushing this nonsense, the Trump vs DeSantis stuff is negative for our cause and could end up bringing down the entire America First movement.

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