Turley is Watching Pelosi Like a Hawk and Calling Out Her “Roe v Wade Lies” Left and Right

Turley is Watching Pelosi Like a Hawk and Calling Out Her “Roe v Wade Lies” Left and Right

The left has lost its marbles over the Roe v Wade ruling.


Today, as expected, the conservative-led court struck down the law and returned abortion matters back to the states, where they belong.

Of course, the left thinks that the abolishment of Roe v Wade means abortions are now illegal.

Sadly, that’s not true. 

Now, states will make their own laws, and I am sure that blue states will happily continue murdering innocent babies.

There’s a lot of fake news flying around, and one of the biggest culprits spreading it is Nancy Pelosi.

But don’t worry, Prof. Turley is standing by, pouncing all over her lies.

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Here’s what he just said in a series of tweets:

Speaker Pelosi just repeated the false claim that this decision now undo cases on contraception and other areas. That is simply untrue and the Court expressly addressed that false claim in the opinion…

…The majority rejects that claim and notes that “perhaps this is designed to stoke unfounded fear that our decision will imperil those other rights.” Having the Speaker refer to the next election despite the express statement to the Court seems to reaffirm that view.

..Speaker Pelosi just called these justices “right-wing politicians.” It is another attack on the integrity of the Court and its members. Yet, even law deans have called these justices “partisan hacks.”

……The attack of the Speaker on these justices fuels the rage but the test of leadership is to introduce an element of reason at times like these.

It’s cute that Prof. Turley thinks Pelosi is capable of “reason” and “truth” at any time…

He must’ve been living under a rock.


The left will do everything they can to spread as many lies as possible, hoping to get their zombie base fired up and at the polls in 2022.

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