Two “Team Biden” Photos From This Weekend Have Our Enemies LOL’ing at Us…Hard

Two “Team Biden” Photos From This Weekend Have Our Enemies LOL’ing at Us…Hard

If you want to see two photos that perfectly sum up what an absolute joke this administration is, then look no further… I’ve got you set.


While our country is on the precipice of falling into another Great Depression, the Biden admin is using their time for cringeworthy photo-ops and SJW stunts.

The first photo is Rachel Levine, the s0-called “four-star admiral,” and our Secretary of Health, standing next to Biden’s “lesbian” WH press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, posing for a photo celebrating LGBTQ pride by holding up a really confusing flag that keeps changing their design.

Oh, and by the way, you’ll NEVER see these people holding an American flag, and that’s the problem…

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And the second photo is of Mr. Fit and agile, Joe Biden, falling off of his bike.

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While other countries are working to combat inflation, boost their economies and enrich their citizens’ lives, our government is doing this nonsense.

I guarantee you, no American will put food on their table or fill up their gas tanks by watching the Biden admin pull their social justice shenanigans or try to pretend Joe Biden can sit on a stationary bike.

And how does this dog and pony show look to people outside?

God Forbid, our enemies?

Well, you know everyone is laughing at us big time.

Of course, the internet is absolutely disgusted with this sad display.

“Trust me, the entire planet is laughing.”

Joe has really declined in a year. By next year he’ll be a vegetable. ” 

“Every Country is laughing! This whole Biden ordeal reminds me of the song by the Bee Gees “I started a joke which started the whole world crying But I didn’t see that the joke was on me, oh no”

“Not just china. All across the world. Hope sanity comes back to America and nobody forces anybody to live their way of life on others. And most importantly Talent is what matters not visual imagery. Live and let live should be the key.”

“Look what happens when they try to make Joe seem “healthy” LOL”

“I don’t know what to think is more absurd, that he thinks he became a woman in his fifties or that he became an admiral and never served a day in the military.”

“Only Joe Biden can fall off his bike when he’s not peddling. Good grief, but this man in a nursing home” 

“It’s hard to imagine that America had at least a little bit of dignity only a couple of short years ago.”

“81 million votes for the guy laying on the pavement.”

We really have fallen far in a short period of time, folks. It’s amazing and scary how fast the decline was.

It’s even scarier to think how bad things will be a couple more years from now with these nincompoops in charge.


Our best bet is to get out there and vote as many of them out in the midterms.

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