Officials Just Made a Major “Story” Change in Uvalde School Shooting

Officials Just Made a Major “Story” Change in Uvalde School Shooting

Right after the 18-year-old monster shot up Robb Elementary, a story came out that claimed a teacher had propped the back door open with a rock, and that’s how the shooter got inside the school.


Many people were wondering, why on earth would a teacher breach security like that, and leave a door wide open?

Well, it turns out the teacher didn’t actually do that, according to a new report.

NPR is reporting that Texas officials had said a teacher propped a door open at Robb Elementary in Uvalde just before the gunman entered and carried out a mass shooting — but they now acknowledge that the woman closed the door, after the teacher’s attorney spoke out.

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It’s the latest shift in a narrative that has continued to change since last Tuesday — an extraordinary process that has seen officials repeatedly correcting earlier statements, after they’re contradicted by new information.

The most detailed official timeline of the shooting emerged on Friday, when Texas Department of Public Safety Director Steven McCraw told journalists that the gunman entered Robb Elementary through a back door that a teacher had left propped open. Moments earlier, he said, the teacher had been using the door to get her cellphone.

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But that version of events was clarified on Tuesday. The teacher’s lawyer told the San Antonio Express-News that the teacher had kicked a rock away from the push-bar door and pulled it shut after recognizing the danger of the situation. She thought it would automatically lock — but it didn’t, her lawyer said.


Here’s what the teacher said happened:

Attorney Don Flanary told the Express-News that the teacher, who hasn’t been named publicly, used a rock to prop open the door while she briefly left the building to bring food from the parking lot to the school just before lunch last Tuesday. She then saw Salvador Ramos crash his truck in a ditch near the school, Flanary said, and went inside to get her phone and call 911.

The teacher was on the phone with the emergency service when she emerged again from the school and was confronted with a frightening shift in the circumstances, as the truck’s driver approached the school with a rifle.

“She saw him jump the fence, and he had a gun, so she ran back inside,” Flanary said. “She kicked the rock away when she went back in. She remembers pulling the door closed while telling 911 that he was shooting. She thought the door would lock because that door is always supposed to be locked.”

So, it now appears that the door was simply unlocked. It didn’t “lock” upon closing, as the teacher thought it would.

Has that door always been unlocked, and everyone just thought it was locked?

Police officials have confirmed that this story is true.


Odd that police didn’t correct the wrong story when it first came out.

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