[VIDEO] CNN’s Van Jones Just Took Down Liberal Elites Like Nobody On The Left Ever Has

[VIDEO] CNN’s Van Jones Just Took Down Liberal Elites Like Nobody On The Left Ever Has

Well, holy cow… Van Jones just “went there.”


It finally happened. Someone on the left has finally called out the liberal elites for being complete and total weirdos.

And trust me, that’s the word he used “weird” and he’s spot-on right.

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Van, who was always been critical of his party, has a new lease on life now that there are new owners at CNN he can actually speak freely, and boy oh boy, did he let loose.

He explained in very accurate and painful detail why the Dems are losing, and why the working class, that used to be their base, has now switched over to the Republican Party… and it’s very simple:

Liberal elites are freaking kooks. And it’s mainly the rich white liberals who are pushing all this woke nonsense.

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They use all these absurd terms and think men can have babies, and there are 67 genders, and it’s okay for drag queens to sexualize kids, etc., etc., etc.


Sorry, but this is not normal, and it’s not how most of this country thinks or feels and this is why normal/sane working-class are fleeing the “party of crazy” and going over to the Republican side.


That was a brilliant takedown of the woke loons, but it will fall on deaf ears.


These liberal elites have egos the size of Mt. Everest and most of them are sociopaths who don’t actually care about anyone else but themselves.

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