[VIDEO] Don Jr. Shared an ULTRA MAGA Meme of Joe Biden’s Bike Fall That’ll Have Dems Exploding in 3…2…1

[VIDEO] Don Jr. Shared an ULTRA MAGA Meme of Joe Biden’s Bike Fall That’ll Have Dems Exploding in 3…2…1

I don’t think you can get more “ULTRA MAGA” than this, folks…


Don Jr loves pissing off the left, and he actually loves watching them meltdown.

And today was no exception.

As you likely know by now, Joe Biden fell YET AGAIN… This time, he toppled over on his bike.

His foot got stuck in the peddles, likely because his motor skills are shot, and he went down like a sack of hammers.

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According to his adoring press, he’s fine, has no injuries, and SPRUNG back up like a fresh spring chicken and started chatting with reporters.

Do you believe that?

I fell down a few stairs about a month ago and was in agony for days and I’m nowhere near Joe’s age…so I am not buying it, because he went down hard.

Anyway, they’re going with the story that he’s fine, so the memes have been flying fast & furious.


And Don Jr. got his hands on a hilarious one, that is sure to make liberal heads explode.

You’re gonna love this:

I also saw this one. It’s a classic.

All laughing aside, Joe’s in bad shape.

Just remember last week or the week before, he fell UP the stairs of Air Force One again.

And this all comes as more and more Americans tell pollsters they don’t think Joe Biden is fit for office.

He’s not.


This won’t help matters, but it’s the truth. Joe Biden is frail and weak, and he’s got a brain that doesn’t work anymore.

He has no business pretending to be “president.”

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