[VIDEO] Woman Starts World War 3 With Her Controversial “McDonald’s” Story… Do You Agree With Her?

[VIDEO] Woman Starts World War 3 With Her Controversial “McDonald’s” Story… Do You Agree With Her?

So, I don’t know if you realize this, but the entire world is pissed off at this lady over her McDonald’s drama.


I saw this video, and I watched it, and while I understand that nobody agrees with her, I kinda get where she’s coming from… a little.

Well, let me explain…

So, this woman has 4 kids.

3 of her kids are with another man who’s out of the picture, and the youngest child is with a recent ex-boyfriend.

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The ex-boyfriend, who was always close to all her kids, for whatever reason, ended up spending time with all the children.

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And while they were all together, he bought McDonald’s for his child only, while the other 3 looked on.

The mom found out and was livid that he didn’t buy her other 3 kids McDonald’s — this was something he often did while they were still a couple.

So, she tells this story online, and the entire world goes after her and rips her to shreds, so now, she made this follow-up video to further explain herself.



Earlier, I said that I kinda get where she’s coming from, and I do.

As a mom, we hate to think of our kids being left out and feeling bad.

After all, it’s not the kids’ fault that the two of them broke up, and that McDonald’s move could cause animosity and division among the siblings.

And nobody should want that…

So, the guy probably should have just skipped the trip to McDonald’s altogether, or bought it for everyone and then asked the mom for the money, if he didn’t want to pay for the other kids.


I dunno, it’s a slow news day… but I feel bad for the McDonald’s-less kids 🤣

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