Handlers Are Getting Desperate… Their Latest “Biden/COVID” Pic Looks Exactly Like “Weekend at Bernie’s”

Handlers Are Getting Desperate… Their Latest “Biden/COVID” Pic Looks Exactly Like “Weekend at Bernie’s”

It’s apparent that Biden and his handlers are really grasping at straws to make him appear even remotely normal. As we all know, Biden is currently recovering from COVID, and his staggeringly poor approval rating, and his tanking economy. But instead of taking serious action to address any of these issues, Joe and his lackeys have stooped to their lowest level yet; using furry animals to try to garner approval from the American people.

Team Biden just posted a doozy of a photo on Twitter, showing Joe taking care of “business” on his balcony with his dog Commander, who they refer to as “man’s best co-worker.” Good lord, these people are clueless cheese balls.

But the saddest part here is that the dog looks more alert than Joe does. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a photo of Joe where he looks more like “Weekend at Bernie’s” than this. The photo looks completely fake. He’s on some 1992 landline that’s probably not even plugged in, and his little binder is opened up to the first page. Twitter users also pointed out that Joe looks more lost than ever.

Here’s what people online are saying:

“That dog is better potty trained than you. But at least somebody loves you. I’m glad. Even the worst people on earth deserve some love.”

“Propped up in a chair with sunglasses on. Oldest trick in the book.”

“Dude, stop with the gimmicks and get something done at some point. Do you want to lose to Trump in 2024?”

“PHOTO OP!! That lasted one minute and then he was back in his jammies, eating pudding and watching reruns of The View!!✌️”

“You know your dog can catch COVID from you, right. Actually, do you know anything about this virus?”

“When was this taken? I’d bet it wasn’t today.”

“Is this a ‘proof of life’ photo?”

This really reeks of pure desperation and you’ve gotta wonder if the user who said this was a “proof of life” photo may be on to something. After all, we saw some similar updates like this when Ruth Bader Ginsburg was on her last leg. Often we would see videos of her incredibly difficult workout routines and photo ops where they could capture the most color in her cheeks. This photo also comes right after we got an update that Joe Biden has a respiratory illness, so his COVID has gotten worse.

Biden’s handlers are going to have to do a lot better than just slapping a pair of sunglasses on the guy and pouring him into a suit. Americans are fully aware that Joe is not in good shape, physically or mentally.

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