This 25-second Video is The Most Powerful Evidence of Joe Biden’s “Ukraine First” Agenda

This 25-second Video is The Most Powerful Evidence of Joe Biden’s “Ukraine First” Agenda

I am starting to think Joe Biden is the (fake) president of Ukraine, as well.


Maybe he’s even more of a Ukraine fake president than a US one because he’s all about putting the country first that gifted him and his son with so much wealth and power.

Meanwhile, Americans are suffering.

Lower-income and middle-class Americans are struggling to make ends meet right now.

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Soaring gas prices are making it difficult for people to make it to work, and inflation is making it tough for families to eat, not to mention the high cost of utilities, and the cruddy shape of the housing market. Oh, and thanks to the stock market, everyone’s losing their retirement.

And if that’s not bad enough…

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When Joe was asked how long Americans would have to put up with these soul-crushing high gas prices and inflation, Biden shrugged it off and said as long as it takes for Ukraine to win the war against Russia.

A regional conflict that many people believe is none of our business.

But Joe just keeps sending billions and billions to Zelensky, and no matter how much he sends, it’s never enough. They always need more… and Joe doesn’t hesitate to send the next batch over.

He just keeps shoveling more money to help Ukraine, while we suffer.

This 25-second video is probably one of the most powerful examples of Joe’s “Ukraine First” agenda.

You can watch the video below:

Here’s what people online are saying:

“Joe Biden is NOT the AMERICAN President, he’s literally President for Ukraine, and people are to blind to see it !!”

“Do u guys now understand why all these politicians get rich? If u don’t, u haven’t been paying attention.”

“The money required to solve all of America’s problems has been wasted in Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine and on NATO. Trillions of dollars that could have gone towards homelessness, healthcare, education, inner city plight, infrastructure, poverty… all of it flushed down the drain.”

“Pretty sick of hearing a everyday press conference of us sending Ukraine billions but we here at home live in a shit hole”

“Anyone else sick of this man destroying our country?”

“Democrats: AMERICA LAST!”

“7 billion and counting”

“America First. Not a proxy war with Russia. What coukd that $7 billion done for America? If you still support Democrats and this Administration, you are an enemy to America.”

I think what’s most frustrating to people who oppose these billions of dollars just flowing over there, willy-nilly, is that the US is not urging Ukraine to go to the table and work with Russia to bring this to an end.

Why not?


Because unless that happens, Russia is a nuclear superpower and can probably do this for eons… and I think that’s exactly what the globalists want.

So, I guess we’ll be fighting this proxy war for as long as Democrats are in office, and until it completely dissolves the US middle class…

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