[VIDEO] Meet The Most Racist, Hateful White Liberal Woman in Joe Biden’s Little “Army”

[VIDEO] Meet The Most Racist, Hateful White Liberal Woman in Joe Biden’s Little “Army”

There’s something really wrong with white liberal women.

They’ve got some screws loose in their heads and they need a lot of mental help.

They appear emotionally stunted and unable to control their feelings or conduct themselves in a civilized manner — we see it all the time, they’re lashing out, crying, screaming, and getting really racist, violent, and nasty with anyone who doesn’t agree with them.

These are the same people who’ve falsely claimed they’re all about “love and inclusion” for decades now, and it’s all been a fraud. These are some of the meanest, most vile, and racist people on the planet, and when they get mad and flustered, they show their true colors… like this crazy evil white liberal woman, who showed up outside the TPUSA Static Analysis Symposium (SAS) political event, to protest, and got very nasty with a Hispanic male Trump supporter who was there doing journalism work.

She told Drew Hernandez to “kill himself.”

Typical loving white liberal lady, right?

You can watch the video below:

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Just disgusting, how hateful and gross these people are, but they really think they’re the “good guys.”

Here’s what people alone had to say about this:

“What classy people.”

“Hey Joe, these are your people” 

“White liberal tells conservative Hispanic man to kill himself: this is today’s Dem Party” 

“White liberal women are scum of the earth.”

“Another White Liberal Racist”

“The “loving” and “tolerant” left. Bunch of whack job’s.”

“Hey Joe, is this your party of love and tolerance? lol ” 

“When Dems tell you who they are, believe them” 

“They always do that. Hurl the most hateful thing at you then tuck tail and run away.”

“Where does this woman work, because if it’s with kids, the parents need to know this is how she behaves. It’s really disgusting” 

Can you imagine being that much of a vile, garbage human, that you’d tell someone to kill themselves over political differences?

This isn’t normal behavior, folks… and chances are, this woman is either a teacher or a nurse… pretty scary, right?

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