Bette Midler Shares a Horrifyingly Racist “Clarence Thomas” Meme and The Internet is Outraged

Bette Midler Shares a Horrifyingly Racist “Clarence Thomas” Meme and The Internet is Outraged

It’s amazing to watch the left’s reaction to the Roe v Wade decision… Yes, they’re behaving like unhinged, mentally challenged whackos, but what’s really amazing is their race-based hatred for Clarence Thomas.


It’s stunning to watch all this hate unfold, and they can’t help themselves, either.

They can’t hold back the nasty racism. It’s pouring out like wild flood waters.

See, Dems still think of black people as slaves.

They are slaves who serve the white liberals’ political purpose on the progressive plantation.

And if one of these lowly slaves wanders off, or refuses to obey their white master, they come unglued.

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They go after this rogue slave and trash him or her publicly, as a message to other slaves, so they know what will happen to them if they leave the plantation.

This is why Clarence Thomas is getting so much abuse.

Five justices decided Roe v Wade. Alito wrote the initial draft, but it’s the black man who liberals are tearing apart, limb from limb.

They’re making an example out of him, so anyone else who’s even thinking of leaving the Dem Party won’t do it.

And nobody is a better slave master than elderly, rich white liberal Bette Midler, who just shared one of the most racist memes we’ve seen.

It’s an image of Clarence Thomas’s white wife in a SCOTUS robe, holding up a Clarence Thomas “mask.”


As if to say, Justice Thomas is not his own strong, smart man with his own opinions, but instead, he is controlled by his white wife.

Truly disgusting.

Here’s what people online are saying:

“Garbage leftists will attack any black person who doesn’t lockstep with their ideology. These people are descendants of the same slave owners who rewarded their servants for being loyal to them, even though it kept them in chains. Bette Midler is no different”

“Just breathtakingly racist.”

“Malcolm X was right about white liberals” 

Seems Bette is a racist. Not even a closet one.”

“How dare a black man not tow the line & bow to the massa Democrats! Once a slave owner, always a slave owner, eh Bette?”

“Jesus Christ the left continues to demonstrate their overt racism. The thought that a black man may have opinions different than them is inconceivable and must be explained by the greater intelligence of a manipulative white person. Big projection.”

“You’re not even attempting to hide your racism anymore.”

“How do they get away with such racism?”

“The same people who lecture us about denying black people agency. The fact that white liberals are at the forefront of these racist smears against Justice Thomas is quite telling.”

“You can be blatantly racist if you’re a Liberal, we get it.”

“So like, is racism totally acceptable if conducted by white Jewish women?”

“Gawd, Bette, this is seriously racist.”

“Holy crap Bette it looks like someone hacked your account and has posted very racist scumbag pictures in your name”


The Democrat Party is the same as it ever was… a group of rich, white elites scumbags who think they own black people.

And people like Bette don’t even try to hide it anymore.

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