[VIDEO] July 4th Partier is Asked Who He Prefers, “Trump or Biden,” His Answer is BOOZY PERFECTION

[VIDEO] July 4th Partier is Asked Who He Prefers, “Trump or Biden,” His Answer is BOOZY PERFECTION

I think this young guy may have had one too many beers at the BBQ, but regardless, his response to the question, “Trump or Biden” was sobering.


I’ve noticed a lot of these “man on the street” interviews lately, where reporters ask passerby’s how they feel about Joe Biden, or if they prefer “Trump over Biden,” and thus far, it’s been almost impossible to find anyone who supports Joe.

I think in one video clip I saw some spindly white vegan guy show a tiny bit of support for Joe, and that was about it.

Overall, the 81 million voters who supposedly “supported” Biden, have all packed up and moved out of the country.

They’re nowhere to be found.

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The only thing that currently unites most of America is our dislike for senile Joe and his horrific “green” policies that are quickly killing this country.

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And speaking of senility, I have been telling you for eons now that the reason Joe’s poll numbers are in the toilet is because of his brain, or lack thereof.

Joe Biden could have the best policies in the world, but the fact that he looks and sounds like a frail man who belongs in a nursing home will never fly with the American people.

And this young guy, buzzed or not, really proves that point when he was asked who he’d choose, “Trump or Biden”?


You can watch the video below:

Dems and the media, and even many GOPers think they’re helping Joe by not bringing up the painfully obvious dementia.

But ignoring Joe’s cognitive issues has only eroded the media’s credibility even more, and it’s infuriated Americans, who watch as politicians treat them like clueless nimrods.

Trust me, we can ALL see what’s happening here.

Every time Joe opens his mouth, we see and hear it… every time he trips up the stairs or falls off of his bike; we see it.


We can clearly see that this man should be in a nursing home, and anyone who thinks they can fool us, or convince us otherwise, is sadly and foolishly mistaken.

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