[VIDEO] Folks Rush to Help Biden, Who Mumbles, “What Am I Doing Now?” Moments After Landing in Israel

[VIDEO] Folks Rush to Help Biden, Who Mumbles, “What Am I Doing Now?” Moments After Landing in Israel

Things are not going well for Biden in Isreal, and he literally just walked off the plane.


He’s already had one confused blunder, not knowing what he’s doing, and another that was so bad, it was actually unthinkable…

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As Biden got off Air Force One, dignitaries greeted him, and instead of reaching out to show strength and leadership, Biden responded by sounding like he just woke up from anesthesia, and grumbled, “What am I doing now?”

Sadly, this type of embarrassing “senile” behavior is par for the course, with Joe.

He and Jill don’t care who they embarrass, as long as they get to be in power, apparently.


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You can watch the video below:

Here’s what people online are saying:

“At this point, I think the entire world would be better off if they just put Joe back in the basement for 2 1/2 years”

“Joe needs his cue cards”

“This is how you can tell Joe’s out of it… he keeps saying stuff like “Where am I??” out loud. If he had his wits, he’d zip it”

“He always needs help. This senile goof can’t do anything on his own”

“YOU walk down YOUR airplane stairs”

“Maybe I am stupid, but I always feel sorry for him.”

“You feel sorry for him? I feel sorry for the American people who didn’t vote for this”

“I’m not a doctor, but I can see the clear evidence of massive cognitive decline as I have watched it happen to family members. This is truly embarrassing for the USA and a national security risk. How is this tolerated by the people?”

This is a great question by that last person… and I think it’s tolerated for a few reasons…

  1. The media and Dems refuse to admit that Biden was a mistake
  2. Kamala is worse
  3. It’s not polite to speak of these “sensitive things” unless it’s about President Trump


I think #2 is the leading factor, right now.

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