Something Very Strange Just Popped Up Surrounding Joe Biden’s So-Called “Shotgun” Story

Something Very Strange Just Popped Up Surrounding Joe Biden’s So-Called “Shotgun” Story

There’s something really odd happening with these so-called “shotguns” that Joe Biden claims to own.


The ones that supposedly “prove” how much he loves and believes in the Second Amendment… by the way, this is an old trick that Biden did in his younger political years… he would pretend to be “for” something that he was actually battling against.

That little ploy is called “controlled opposition,” and the same thing Fox News does to its viewers every single day.

Anyway, Joe Biden is either lying about these “shotguns” he claims to own, or he’s once again totally confused and doesn’t know what he’s talking about, because as usual, what Joe says isn’t adding up…

At all.

Here’s what happened:

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Back on June 1oth, Bloomberg reported that Joe Biden said he owned two shotguns.

President Joe Biden said that he owns firearms, rebuffing critics of his push to pass new gun-safety laws in the wake of a Texas elementary school massacre and a racist attack in Buffalo, New York.

“I’m a gun owner. I own two shotguns,” Biden told donors at a Democratic Party fundraiser in Los Angeles on Friday. “The point I’m making is the Second Amendment is not absolute.”

Okay, so according to Joe, he’s a “gun guy” because he owns two guns, so if he’s calling for “common-sense gun control” it must be the right thing to do.

That’s what his manipulative message is.

Only, it changed. A LOT…

Almost one month later to the day, on July 11th, Joe Biden changed the story and now claims that he owns 4 shotguns.

“I have four shotguns,” says  @POTUS. “They’re locked up — under lock and key.”


So, what is it, Joe?

Do you have two shotguns or four?

How can the number of guns change in one month? Did you buy two more shotguns, and if so, can you provide the details?

Or is this just another fictitious story that you’re telling to try to manipulate Americans into thinking you can be trusted with “gun control” because you’re just “average Joe” who loves the 2A, and would never do anything to infringe on our rights?

Do you even own any guns?

Once again, nobody knows what to believe, because Joe Biden is either lying through his gigantic veneers or he’s so confused and clueless he doesn’t even know what’s actually going on.

Yet, this is the babbling fool who is making these types of life and death “un-Constitutional” decisions on our behalf?

Scary, scary stuff.


Is somebody from the press going to ask Joe about this? Or will this be yet another blundering lie that just falls by the wayside… again?

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