[VIDEO] Biden Handlers Are “Sad” Nobody’s Watching His Speeches, But These 2 Figured Out The Problem

[VIDEO] Biden Handlers Are “Sad” Nobody’s Watching His Speeches, But These 2 Figured Out The Problem

So, I was going through TikTok today, looking for interesting things to share with you… that’s right, I go through the Chinese spyware, so you don’t have to…


Anyway, I came across a clip that I really liked and thought you would enjoy. It’s not anything you probably don’t already know, but it just goes to show that this issue, which I have been harping on for eons now, is literally everywhere.

And what issues am I referring to?

Well, Joe’s brain, of course.

While hoity-toity academia-types debate and pontificate over why Joe Biden hasn’t “caught on,” and claim it’s just a “messaging problem,” I’m over here yelling into the void, screaming, “IT’S HIS BROKEN BRAIN, YOU IDIOTS!”

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And that’s the truth… the main reason Joe Biden is so low in the polls and Americans are so turned off by this guy has nothing to do with messaging…

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It’s the actual messenger (Joe) and the fact that he looks and sounds like he should be in a nursing home.

It’s that simple.

Seriously, it really is.

Yes, of course, his policies and decisions are terrible, we get that… But even if Joe did a 180 and changed his positions on everything, he would get a bump up, but once he opened his mouth and slurred, stammered, and got confused, Americans would roll their eyes and groan again.

You can’t have someone this weak and frail, both mentally and physically, in the Oval Office and expect the American people to be happy about it. I don’t care how much the Dems and media try to gaslight us. It won’t work.

So, when an article came out that revealed Biden’s Handlers are “sad” because nobody wants to watch his speeches, most of us couldn’t figure out why the heck they were “sad.”

Do they want to sit around watching a confused grandad try to speak and wander around, trying to find his way off the stage?

I know we sure don’t. 

I only watch the clips, because it’s part of my job.

And that brings us to the TikTok video I found…

These two here — actually the woman in the video — articulated it best.

Especially what she said at the very end.

She nailed it.


You can watch the video below:

@titusellissmith #duet with @voice_of_change Sub to YouTube (Link In Bio) #conservative #titusellissmith #fyp #foryou #foryourpage ♬ original sound – Myriah Roden

Amen for that woman calling out the whisper. 

Where are the Handlers who can pull Joe aside and tell him to stop whispering?

I’ll tell you why they don’t.

Joe’s been doing that whispering thing his entire career, and it worked back in the 90s and the 00s.

But the problem now for Joe is that his really creepy behavior with little girls and women has come to the surface, thanks to the internet, and now that whisper sounds really creepy and perverted.

But his team is so out of the loop that they don’t realize this… either that or they’ve tried to get him to stop and Joe won’t because it’s been part of his “political shtick” for so long now.


He’s like a big, dumb dinosaur, just shuffling all over the place, completely clueless, while his Handlers sit in the corner and feel sad.

What an admin, right?


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