Biden Just Revealed Dems Newest Midterm Plot, And It’s Already Sparked a New Conspiracy Theory

Biden Just Revealed Dems Newest Midterm Plot, And It’s Already Sparked a New Conspiracy Theory

So, the Dems are in mourning over the loss of Roe v Wade, right?


Well, sort of.

I think Dem voters are definitely upset over the ruling.

And even though they had a heads up that it was coming, thanks to the SCOTUS leak, I think it still caught many of them off guard.

I think Dem voters believed their party would never let this “horror” happen.

Somehow, they’d save the day.

Do I think Dem politicians are upset over this ruling?

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Oh, hell no. They’re thrilled, and my guess is that they’ve known full well this was coming for eons and they purposely did absolutely nothing to stop it.

I think they wanted it.

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Well, this is a HUGE fundraising opportunity for them.

Think about it: the country is in the dumps right now, inflation is soaring, everyone loathes Biden, and the Dems have basically nothing to run or fundraise on, and a red wave from hell is waiting just offshore for them.

If anything, the Roe v Wade ruling was a life raft for the Dems. I don’t know how much it will help them at the voting booth, but it certainly won’t hurt them.

And fundraising-wise, they’ll likely clean up with all the rage-filled radical suburban left-wing females, most of whom can’t define a “woman,” and who are WELL PAST their child-bearing years.

Joe is already putting the plot in motion, actually.

He’s just spilled the beans on the new plan to “win” the midterms…


Here’s what Breitbart reporter Charlie Spiering said in a tweet:

“Ultimately, Congress is going to have to act… right now we don’t have the votes,” Joe Biden says about breaking the filibuster to make the right to an abortion into federal law. Urges activists to organize and vote in the midterms”

So, yes, call me a conspiracy theorist all you like, but I believe that there was nobody rooting harder for Roe v Wade to be overturned than the Dems.

It’s the only spark of life their party has gotten since President Trump was around.

And now, they think they can stave off the “red wave” in November if they fire up enough people with this story that they can overturn SCOTUS.

Do I think they can do it?



But again, the so-called “silver lining” for them is that at least now they have bait on the end of their fishhooks to lure their low-info/angry voters out.

Before this, they had nothing.

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