[VIDEO] This is Joe Biden’s Disastrous “Presidency” in Just 45-Seconds LOL

[VIDEO] This is Joe Biden’s Disastrous “Presidency” in Just 45-Seconds LOL

Many are calling this 45-second video clip a perfect symbol of Joe Biden’s failed radical green agenda.

It’s a wind turbine in Texas that is on fire, spewing black smoke into the atmosphere, as it just keeps turning round and round…

I mean, this can’t be good for the environment, right?

But it really is symbolic of Biden and the Dems radical “reset,” where they’re trying to cram their communist green agenda down everyone’s collective throats.

Their push to foist this globalist/atheist lifestyle on everyone is literally burning their political party to the ground… but does that stop them?


They just keep pushing, going around in circles like that broken-down windmill, spewing filth and garbage into the air.

You can watch the video below:

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I just don’t think there’s a better “visual” of Biden and his radical green nightmare.

Here’s what people online are saying:

“liberals cannot catch a break” 

“See, Even God doesn’t like these things:”

“God is sending Joe Biden a message, he better listen” 

“First COVID and then this? Joe better listen, sh*ts gettin’ biblical” 

“I just love the way God is mocking these renewables fools for thinking they can protect the environment by stopping us from using the very fossil fuels He made for us to use”

“The green new deal explained without using any words.”

“Joe Biden’s energy policy struck by lightning and in flames.”

The Green Movement #BestApocalypseEver

“This is the poster child for green energy. Even God knows it’s bullshit.”

“This is the best symbol of Biden’s energy program, ever.” 

“Thank you, God, for chiming in on green energy. We agree” 

“Thats not bad for the environment at all lol lol” 

“Who knew they’d burn like that??”

“i guess all that black smoke is really fresh stuff made by the green new deal”

“The Biden presidency in 45 secs”

I’ve never seen so much karma rain down on one person, as I have lately with Bumbling Joe Biden and the Dem Party.

I am telling you, there is a price for cheating, and if you don’t get justice served by your peers, it’ll come at you in some other form.

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