[VIDEO] The Handlers Put Joe On a Bike Again, He Didn’t Fall, But He Looks MIGHTY SHAKY Out There

[VIDEO] The Handlers Put Joe On a Bike Again, He Didn’t Fall, But He Looks MIGHTY SHAKY Out There

Well, you knew it was coming…

The Handlers put Joe back on his bike.


This comes after Joe toppled over recently while standing completely still.

Biden got his foot stuck in the peddle and went down like a sack of hammers.

His motor skills appear to be completely and totally shot.

MORE NEWS: Look What Somebody Did to The Spot Where Joe Fell Off His Bike… LOL

But his people are determined to make us think that Joe Biden is “Lance Armstrong,” or something, so back on the bike he went, like it or not pal.

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And while he didn’t fall this time, his takeoff looked mighty shaky, and had me thinking, “Gee, guys, maybe this elderly man isn’t having fun and shouldn’t be on a bike, after all?”



What’s really odd, is that the Handlers and some in the press, actually think THIS makes Joe look “strong” and capable.

Just because he can sit on a bike, and sort of peddle off.

When in actuality, it looks like a very elderly man, who’s frail and not stable on his feet, griping the handles bars and trying like hell not to fall over in front of the cameras again.


It’s awkward and feels a bit like a “trained monkey” show.

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