This Guy Wins The Internet With Hilarious Tweet About Joe Losing His Sense of Smell From COVID

This Guy Wins The Internet With Hilarious Tweet About Joe Losing His Sense of Smell From COVID

As you likely know by now, Joe Biden has COVID, or at least that’s what his Handlers are telling us.

According to his nursemaids, Joe is fine, he has light symptoms and is busy, “working” from home.

Sure he is…he didn’t even write that tweet.

Of course, one good thing about this COVID diagnosis is that it knocked Joe’s bogus declaration that he has “cancer” out of the news cycle.

What a coincidence that was, right? More dumb luck for Team Biden.

But, not everything is rosy for Joe. There are some downsides to having COVID, and especially for Joe, there’s one very horrific side effect…

That’s what one very observant and clever Trump supporter thought of today, and when I saw his tweet, I actually laughed out loud.

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A Twitter user who goes by the name Dr. Richard Harambe gathered 4 photos of Joe Biden sniffing women and little girls and said this:

“If he loses his sense of smell he’ll be devastated”

Very clever and very true… nobody loves a good SNIFF, like Pedo Pete does.

Here’s what people online are saying:

“Winner of the internet”

“Our current politicians just make it too easy! This one made me actually burst out laughing!”

“beware ladies and girls, he will just sniff longer and harder!”

“This could be top tweet of July 2022 ….”

“Pedo Pete is a “hands on” president.”

“silver lining: Biden having covid makes America’s children safer” 

“no wonder his son is a sex addict and drug addict. look who raised him”

“Pedo Pete in action” 

“God works in mysterious ways! God bless the children! “

“Finally, the guy that the virus was created for, finally catches COVID. This man can’t stay 6 feet apart. No more sniffing people’s hair, Pedo Peter.”

I agree with everyone, this tweet should get “Tweet of the Month.”

Well, done.

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