Brother of US Russia Prisoner Says Brittney Griner Facing Horrific Living Conditions in Prison

Brother of US Russia Prisoner Says Brittney Griner Facing Horrific Living Conditions in Prison

WNBA star Brittney Griner spent much of her time and energy trashing the United States of America and disrespecting our national anthem.


Now, as she sits in a Russian prison, facing a decade behind bars, I hope she’s rethinking her attacks on the country that gave her so much.

Most of these spoiled, activist athletes, don’t have a clue how bad it really is out there in the real world.

And now, after pleading guilty to smuggling drugs into Russia, Brittney is begging Joe Biden for help to get back home.

Imagine having to rely on Joe Biden to “save” you?

Scary thought.

Well, the brother of a Russian prisoner has come forward, and he’s now speaking out about the “horrific” living conditions Brittney is facing inside the Russian prison.

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Western Journal reported that women’s basketball star Brittney Griner is living a life of privation, according to the brother of an American imprisoned in a Russian jail.

Her cell likely has “ancient” plumbing, according to USA Today, which interviewed David Whelan, whose brother is being held in Russia. Paul Whelan, who served in the Marine Corps, was accused of being a spy, a charge he denies.

“When they talk about buildings being Stalin-era, they’re not kidding,” David Whelan said.

He said his brother’s first cell had no toilet, only a hole in the ground.

“Prisoners have to maintain the cleanliness of their cell, and so it was at first quite filthy, since the previous occupant had not seemed concerned about cleanliness,” Whelan said. “You are allowed a weekly shower and a daily walk.”

Prisoners such as Griner who have not yet been sentenced usually are allowed one hour of sunlight a day, Whelan said. The other 23 hours are spent in the cell.

As for food, “there’s no interest in nutrition,” Whelan said. He said many prisoners have their food supplemented by food brought in from family members or friends.

He said Russian prisons are run by either gangs or guards, and violence within them is common.


Whelan said his brother’s prison combines prison and labor, a fate that could await Griner.

That sounds horrid and might be what Brittney faces after she’s sentenced.

But for now, she’s in a place where she can read and has a bathroom facility nearby.

Elizabeth Rood, the U.S. embassy’s deputy chief of mission in Moscow, met with the WNBA star on Thursday and gave her a letter from President Joe Biden.

“I’m terrified I might be in here forever,” Griner wrote in a recent letter delivered.

Well, again, if she’s waiting for Joe Biden and his band of merry buffoons to negotiate her release, she could be waiting forever.

This is a great lesson for all those anti-American boys and girls out there… be respectful of all countries, including your own. Traditions matter to people, even if you’re an ignorant nincompoop. Also, respect laws, and rules, and just because you’re treated above the law, and like a snowflake at home, doesn’t mean that’s how you’ll be treated abroad.


And lastly, you never know when you might need the American people to back you up, so be a decent and positive citizen.

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