[VIDEO] Watch What Happens When Cali Parents See What’s REALLY Going On at Drag Shows For Kids

[VIDEO] Watch What Happens When Cali Parents See What’s REALLY Going On at Drag Shows For Kids

I found this really interesting video clip that I think you’ll find fascinating. It really says A LOT about the right’s quest to save the kids, and how we’re doing the righteous, lord’s work here… and it also shows us that the only reason nearly everyone isn’t on our side on this issue is that they just don’t know what’s actually happening out there. So, let me set this up for you. An independent journalist goes to California, and asks parents at a park how they feel about kids attending “Drag Shows.” Now, when he just asks that question, with no video to show them, they all say it’s fine and the kids should go to the shows, bla bla bla. But that changes dramatically when he gets out the video and shows them what’s actually going on at these drag shows. At that point, nearly all the parents were shocked and horrified and agreed that kids should NOT attend anything like that.

Of course, there were a couple of cat ladies, who stood their perverted ground, and insisted it was fine if the parents wanted to take them. We can’t reach everyone, some people are lost for good, but we can reach most people with our message, and this video is proof that we just need to keep on pushing and getting our message out there for more people to see. Because if we don’t stand up and save these kids, they are doomed to a life of progressive perversion.


Here’s what people online are saying:

“Once you look behind the curtain everything changes. Keep watching for 45sec or more and the curtain will be pulled back”

“The first bit is what it looks like when you have SHEEP going along with what the Hollywood machine tells them to go along with The second bit is what it looks like when that narrative is revealed to be quite different in reality “

“White liberal women were a mistake” 

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“The one group that had absolutely no problem with it were the white leftist women. Everyone else had issues with it.”

“White liberal women are destroying this country” 

“I get it. Men are willing to revise their standards to protect kids. Women do not. Interesting.”

“Uninformed voters getting informed”

“I thought pedophilia was against the law?”

“white liberal women are just the worst” 

“Nearly every man after seeing the evidence of drag shows says kids obviously shouldn’t be allowed at them. AND YET, nearly every woman after seeing the evidence still says kids at drag is okay. There is a massive problem with white liberal women in our country & no one is talking about it.”

Keep pulling back the veil, folks. Keep telling the truth, and whatever you do, get louder, and never back down.

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