[VIDEO] Tucker Leaves Chaffetz Green, When He Ends His Show With a Closeup of Pelosi’s “Twins”

[VIDEO] Tucker Leaves Chaffetz Green, When He Ends His Show With a Closeup of Pelosi’s “Twins”

I am sure you’ve seen the photo of Nancy Pelosi in Italy, with her “love muffins” hanging out?


Pelosi and her drunk-driving husband jetted off to Italy, to stay at some highly exclusive resort that’s so expensive, they don’t even list their rates.

Thank goodness they didn’t “respect” climate change, and vacation closer to home, right?

Mind you, she and her drunkard “better half” are cavorting all over the world while Americans back home are suffering through Biden’s inflation, barely able to fill up their cars with gas or put food on the table.

And while Pelosi was out and about, frolicking in the sun and surf, a photographer snapped a pic of her naughty pillows, dangling at the beach.

So, of course, Tucker had to end his show by commenting on them and sharing the photo, right?


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“We’re going to go out tonight by singeing your retinas.”


Carlson told Americans to “soak it in,” really lap up that image of Pelosi, so that when they go to bed, they won’t forget it.

I think Tucker thought that was the end, and he said good night, but then out of nowhere, former Congressman Jason Chaffetz popped up on the screen and caught Tucker off guard.

“Is Jason in for Sean Hannity tonight?” Tucker wondered, and before he could even get an answer, a horrified Jason was chastising him for showing the photo of Pelosi’s very ripe cleavage.

Of course, it was all in jest, but still a very amusing moment.


You can watch the video below:

As a woman, who is much, much younger than Pelosi, I can tell you, that a scoop-neck bathing suit is a girl’s best friend when gravity takes over.

Hey, it’s only fair, right?


We don’t like seeing old guys in speedos, so this turnabout is fair play.

It’s all about treating people “equal,” right Dems?


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