This Full-Blown, Card-Carrying Democrat Just Unloaded On His Own Party With Most Spot-On Rant, Ever 

This Full-Blown, Card-Carrying Democrat Just Unloaded On His Own Party With Most Spot-On Rant, Ever 

I dunno what’s going on, but is there a full moon or something?


Lately, over the past couple of days, I have actually agreed with two liberals who were filled with common sense.

It was crazy. That never happens…

One guy just discovered Dems are a bunch of manipulating, lying crooks…

Welcome to the party.

We had that same epiphany about Republicans back in 2016.

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So, this Democrat guy wrote a short but powerful message to the radicals in his party, and when I saw it online, I had to share it with you.

He goes by the name Damin Toell, and he’s frustrated as heck.

He’s sick and tired of the media and radicals pitching these crazy ideas to “overthrow” the system. He thinks this craziness is getting everyone way off track.

So, he took to Twitter to tell them all to stop with the nonsense and actually start fighting and winning elections to make changes, not trying to overhaul the systems that are in place.

Gosh, I sure hope they don’t listen to him…

I am pretty sure they won’t.


Here’s what Damin said:

-The Supreme Court isn’t getting expanded.

-The legislative filibuster isn’t going away.

-And the Senate sure as shit isn’t going to be abolished or based on State population.

Get your head out of your ass and stop wasting your time on MSNBC nonsense that will never happen.

Your fantasies won’t save you. Instead, you’ll need to get people elected. I know – it’s a lot harder than imagining that the President can miraculously make your wildest dreams happen on his own. But he can’t. You can, though, if you actually work for it.

The impotent yet pleasing fantasies of MSNBC, VOX, and the rest do more to stifle change than Fox News. While you’re masturbating to the idea of SCOTUS instantly getting 4 new Dem appointees, the Republicans are destroying you at the polls.

Damin “gets it.”

But sadly, most on his side don’t.

And I say “sadly,” because these radical commies are trying to destroy this country and impose their beliefs and wants on a majority that has soundly rejected them and their leaders.


As for Damin, I think he’s way too smart and savvy to be a Dem and should just switch over to our side.

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