Watch: Here’s Video PROOF That Dems’ Dreams of Turning Texas “Blue” Ain’t Happenin’ LOL  

Watch: Here’s Video PROOF That Dems’ Dreams of Turning Texas “Blue” Ain’t Happenin’ LOL  

The Dems are always on a mission to turn Texas blue.

Or are they?

Here’s a little secret… Texas will not turn blue. This is a marketing scheme started by Dems to raise insane amounts of money from their gullible, dopey voters.

And it works.

The money just rolls in, because these zombie voters honestly believe that they have the power and the numbers to turn Texas blue.

No, they actually don’t.

That’s like us saying we have the power to turn California red.

No, we don’t.

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Sorry, that may have been true a decade ago, but we’ve become too incredibly polarized when it comes to politics. That may change many moons from now, but not anytime soon.

But let me show you just how absurd the Dems “Texas blue” claim is.

The Texas Dems held their convention in Dallas this past week, and it was such a low turnout, that they had to forgo voting on their party platform.


Well, because they didn’t have enough delegates there to even pass a vote.

The Texas Scorecard reported that last week’s Texas Democrat Convention in Dallas ended without the party adopting a new platform, as not enough delegates remained to reach quorum.

Held biennially during election years, the convention is an opportunity for Texas Democrats to elect party leadership, gear up for the November election, and craft their party platform.

At least, that’s what’s supposed to happen.

Shortly after Chairman Gilberto Hinojosa was re-elected to lead the party for another four years on Saturday, attendees began to trickle out of the convention center. When it came time to vote on the party platform, a point of order was called on grounds that there were not enough delegates present to conduct business—two-thirds of the body.

The point of order was sustained and, just like that, the convention ended without the party adopting a platform.

And if that’s not enough for you, and you need some visual proof, I got you covered.

A couple of young conservative journalists decided to show up to the convention center on the supposed “busiest day,” and see what the crowds looked like.

Now, you tell me if this looks like a party that’s about to flip an entire red state “blue”?


This is the current state of the Dem Party — their own people have thrown in the towel and don’t want to participate.

This is why Joe’s Handlers are pushing Climate Change and Abortion so hard. They’re trying to fire up their base.

Does it look like it’s working?

I’ve seen more people at a Hobby Lobby at closing time.

This is just pathetic.

81 million votes, my ass… (excuse my French).

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