20-Year-Old Basketball Player Dies of a Sudden Heart Attack on The Court

20-Year-Old Basketball Player Dies of a Sudden Heart Attack on The Court

We’ve been covering so many of these bizarre deaths of young people — and young healthy athletes who are dying from heart attacks, strokes, blood clots, and many horrific “medical emergencies.” It’s been very heart-wrenching to read all of these stories of athletes and celebs dying so suddenly, and it makes us wonder, how many non-famous people is this happening to? What’s going on? I think we all know what is likely happening, but it’s a real mystery why experts are not looking into every case and seeing if there is a “common link.” I think given all we’ve gone through over the past couple of years, that would make perfect, scientific sense, right? My God, Just LOOK into it and see if there’s any “there, there.”

But sadly, nothing happens. We just report on these stories and then move along, as if it’s totally normal for these young people to die from cardiac arrest and clots, and strokes… and speaking of that horror, here I am yet again, with another heartbreaking story. This time, it’s a 20-year-old college basketball player, and he died doing what he loved best… playing.

Western Journal reported that a University of Wisconsin, Whitewater basketball player died suddenly at the age of 20 on Sunday.

Madison, Wisconsin, native Derek Gray died “unexpectedly” while “playing the game he loved,” the university posted Tuesday on Twitter in announcing his death.

“His teammates loved him,” Miller said. “He had a really unique ability to connect with all his teammates in different ways.”

The coach said Gray died at an event the team held on Sunday.

“It was horrible,” he said. “We have our overnight camp. At the end of our evening session, we get pizza for the campers and all our camp counselors play a game and play music, and it’s just kind of a fun thing. He collapsed during the game.”

“It was just a tragic and awful thing,” Miller said.

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The coach said there was no hint that Gray was having difficulty.

At some point, some expert out there is going to need to care enough about humanity to delve into all of these deaths and look for a pattern… I can’t believe that so many people are just sitting by, while all of these young people drop dead from “sudden medical emergencies.” This isn’t normal, and it’s a disgusting blotch on humanity, that we’re acting like it is.

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