“Imagine The Coverage If This Was Me…” Don Jr. Reacts to Latest Hunter Biden Leaked Video

“Imagine The Coverage If This Was Me…” Don Jr. Reacts to Latest Hunter Biden Leaked Video

Can you imagine what the media and Dems would do to Don Jr. if he was even 1/4 of the degenerate that Hunter Biden is?


My God, the media and the left trashed Don Jr. as if he was 100X worse than perverted, shady, crack-addicted Hunter, and Don Jr. did nothing to deserve that treatment, except support his father.

But amazingly enough, Hunter can do no wrong, according to these communists.

Every time a new disgusting tidbit drops about Joe’s gross son, the left shrugs and says, “Hunter’s not the president.”

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They’re also convinced that the ONLY reason the right is calling out Hunter’s escapades is because we’re so “scared” about the January 6th hearings, that we’re clamoring to distract people.

These people live in a bubble so far removed from reality, that it’s not even funny…

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Although, I guess I can sort of understand their “gullible-ness.” I think I was that way when Trey Gowdy would start his dramatic hearings. I really thought they were a HUGE deal that would result in something big happening.

Boy, was I wrong.

I didn’t realize until years later, that all that stuff was just for show.


And speaking of a show, the most recent Hunter video just dropped yesterday.

Supposedly it was hacked and leaked by a group from the website 4Chan, but nothing has been “verified.”

This video is supposedly Hunter Biden in a room with a prostitute weighing his crack cocaine.

Don Jr. shared the video and said this: “Imagine the things he decided may be a bit too much for film!!! Also imagine the coverage if this was me?”


Yep, just imagine if that was Don Jr. Just think about what the breathless news coverage would be like.

Would there be excuses like, “Well, Don Jr. isn’t the president…” from people in the media? Would they bury the stories about Don Jr. until they blew up so big online that they were forced to report on them?


Do you think of any that would happen?

Of course not, and that’s the major reason nobody in this country trusts the lying, fake news media.

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