[VIDEO] MI Wedding Photographer Explains Why Electric Cars Don’t Work, and Why She Dumped Her Tesla 

[VIDEO] MI Wedding Photographer Explains Why Electric Cars Don’t Work, and Why She Dumped Her Tesla 

I was pursuing Chinese spyware TikTok (so you don’t have to) and I came upon this Michigan girl’s post about electric cars — Tesla to be specific. Of course, she caught my attention because she’s in Michigan, and that’s where I am from, and even though she’s kinda young and Gen Z-ish, her post was great and made a lot of sense. She’s a wedding photographer, and she lives in a very touristy area of Michigan called Traverse City. She has a unique perspective as someone who electric car companies target and market to, but who had such a bad experience that she had to walk away from the entire concept. And that’s not to say that electric cars are “bad.” They’re not. They really work for some people. But they don’t work for most in this country… and there are good reasons for this. One, America is not Europe, we’re built a lot different, and two, people travel A LOT by car here, and three, we have wildly different weather patterns. This makes it a unique challenge for electric cars to work here and that’s why it’s a bad idea to push them on an entire population, especially when you don’t have the infrastructure to support it.

That’s the obvious stuff… but this girl fills in a lot of the other blanks that you wouldn’t think about unless you actually owned an electric car and had to deal with the challenges day in and day out. It got so bad for her, that she was literally having major anxiety over just trying to travel from point A to point B. Her post was an interesting look into how electric cars are a fun idea, and they look cool and have some really nifty bells and whistles, but when it comes down to just trying to live your life and do your job, they don’t work for many people.

You can watch the video below:

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Here’s what people online are saying:

“We use our Tesla just for short commutes. It’s our handy car to run errands, but beyond that, no” 

“Great Assesment!! Im a total motor head and agree with your key points. Tesla is a strong tech company, but not the strongest car company” 

“Range anxiety says it all. Not for me. No thanks.” 

“Your not the first to report issues with material quality. For 100K I would expect top notch quality of all materials too.”

“’Im an owner and yes if you’re driving hundreds of miles a day not the right car.”

“Teslas are a great 3rd car option ! That’s if you can afford 3”

“For most people, electric cars are for fun, not for living, and shame on our government for blackmailing people into buying them” 

Another point is that electric cars are more for elites than your average American. Sure, they have some new models that are around 40-50K, but not many people can easily swing a 500-700 dollar a month car payment.

In addition, if you buy a used one, and the battery goes out, you could pay 14K for a new one, if they even still make the battery… there are a lot of things to consider before buying electric, and I agree, that our government trying to blackmail us into buying them with these high gas prices, is sickening.

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