[VIDEO] Judge Jeanine Thinks The “Elon/Twitter” Saga Will End With a Big Twist

[VIDEO] Judge Jeanine Thinks The “Elon/Twitter” Saga Will End With a Big Twist

While many experts, even Elon himself and President Trump, think the bid to buy Twitter is over, not everyone thinks that’s how it’s gonna turn out.


We shared a story with you last week about a conservative lawyer who believes that the courts will force Elon to buy Twitter, whether he likes it or not.

Meanwhile, Elon claims he’s ready to walk away and move on, and President Trump says it was a terrible deal, to begin with, and predicts Elon will never own Twitter.

So, how’s it all going to play out?

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Well, it’s anyone’s guess but I can tell you this much… Judge Jeanine has a different take.

She thinks the deal will actually go through, and she also thinks that Elon will get Twitter at a bargain basement deal… but even still, it won’t play out quite how you thin it might.

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Was that his plan all along?

Bizpacreview reported that The Five’s co-host Judge Jeanine Pirro predicted that Elon Musk will wind up purchasing Twitter for much less than originally offered after the platform’s number of bots and fake accounts are exposed in court.

She made her comments on Monday after Musk announced that he was pulling out of the multi-billion deal and Twitter subsequently said “we’ll see you in court.”

“I don’t know who has the upper hand here. We have heard for a long time that Twitter has failed to respond to repeated requests for information about the number of bots. They say 5%… Elon Musk thinks it’s more than that. In addition to that, apparently, Twitter is taking actions that they shouldn’t be taking by firing people that they needed Elon Musk’s consent to actually fire. In addition, he relied, that’s Elon Musk, relied, to his detriment, on their promise that there were only 5% of the company was bots,” Pirro noted.

“So I don’t think Twitter is in a really strong position, so then the question is, people are saying ‘Elon Musk could go to jail.’ Someone said that on one of the business channels. They are saying contempt of court if he does not follow the judge’s call, but then the question is, the bigger issue is — I know — can they be forced to actually make Elon Musk buy the company if he doesn’t want to?” she continued.

“So what’s going to happen is there’s going to be a negotiation, and I think Elon Musk will end up buying it unless he’s lost interest in it, and he’s going to buy it for a lot less than what he offered,” Pirro added.


You can watch the video below:

Twitter retained a legal team from New York and on Sunday, they filed a lawsuit in Delaware against Musk.


We’ll have to see what happens, and if Judge Jeanine is right, or if President Trump is right, but no matter what, it will be interesting.

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