[VIDEO] Why Are SO MANY Former FBI Agents Working As “Content Moderators” On Twitter?

[VIDEO] Why Are SO MANY Former FBI Agents Working As “Content Moderators” On Twitter?

Here’s a million-dollar question for the day: Why are so many former FBI agents working as content moderators for Twitter?


Yes, that’s right, when you get suspended for posting some common-sense tweet, it’s likely a former fed who cut you off.

Why is this?

Well, Scott Horton, a podcaster over at the website Libertarian Institute, is wondering the same thing.

Scott spoke with Mint Press writer Alan MacLeod about this bizarre phenomenon.

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MacLeod has done some very in-depth reporting on this topic, and what he’s discovered is that there is a shockingly big number of former FBI agents who’ve joined Twitter and are working in the  “content moderation” department, where they’re watching everything you and me are saying.

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Gee, it’s all starting to make sense now, right?

MacLeod and Scott discuss different examples of former feds who spent their lives working for the FBI, and who have now made the big pivot to working with big tech.

I mean, if we didn’t know the Deep State was running Big Tech, this might seem odd, but really, this seems like a perfect, albeit creepy, fit, given where we’re at nowadays.


In addition, MacLeod also gets into the research he’s done on Facebook, Google, TikTok, and Reddit.


All this time we thought it was blue-haired millennials who were suspending conservatives off social media.

Turns out it’s retired FBI agents.


Makes even more sense, actually.

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