FBI Wished Themselves a “Happy 114th Birthday,” And Got Instantly Pummeled By The Entire Internet

FBI Wished Themselves a “Happy 114th Birthday,” And Got Instantly Pummeled By The Entire Internet

Have you noticed how so many once well-respected organizations and industries have fallen and turned to ashes over the past 6 years? Think about it, the media, healthcare, science, military brass, sports, and of course, the FBI. I don’t know if I am forgetting anybody else, but if I am, feel free to let me know. I got to thinking about this today when I saw a tweet from the embattled and failed FBI. They wished themselves a “Happy 114th Birthday,” and I am sure the second they posted it, they probably thought, “We should have turned the comments off…”

Yes, it was that bad. I think the entire internet piled on and told the FBI to take a hike. That’s how far they’ve fallen. I know for me; they have taken a huge dive. I always thought the FBI was this fair and brilliant group of trustworthy people, and now, I couldn’t think less of those entrapment-crazy ghouls if I tried. It’s a shame, too. Why did they have to get political, or maybe they’ve always been this way, even before Trump, I just didn’t notice it?

Well, I can tell you this much — after reading these comments, I can assure you, that the FBI has lost respect with MOST of America. It was an epic backlash.

Here’s what the FBI said: “Today, the #FBI celebrates our 114th birthday! That’s 114 years of fighting crime and terrorism, building partnerships, and providing victim assistance. We are proud to continue our work protecting the American people and upholding the U.S. Constitution.”

Here’s what everyone said to the FBI:

“114 years of entrapping innocent people. Bums” 

“File ANY more false FISA requests lately?”

Today, the #FBI celebrates our 114th birthday! That’s 114 years of fighting Republicans while building partnerships with Dems and providing political cover for them. We are proud to continue our work protecting the Dems against the American ppl and subverting the US Constitution.”

“The first 105-110 or so years is something to proud of. You’ve kinda dropped the ball the last few years. Tough to get that trust back.”

“Thank you for serving the DNC so faithfully!”

“And just 1 year of harassing parents at school board meetings”

“Can you give us a list of the False Flags you have planned, so we can keep an eye out for them?”

“How’s Hunters laptop coming along?”

“I used to hold the FBI in such high esteem. Then, I learned some things.”

“114 years? looking like it’s about time to retire”

“Tyrannical cowards”

“Very impressed with 9/11. Excellent cover up.”

And don’t forget…and working with #RayEpps and other provocateurs on J6, and the “MI Gov kidnapping plot” and — well, there’s more and you know it”

“114 years too long”

“You guys kinda creep me out more than the bad guys tbh.”

“Upholding US Constitution”………………………………… alright.”

“You, upholding the constitution? If only”

It’s quite sickening to see them use the “Constitution” in that tweet. Feels dirty — like we should all be taking a shower to wash that filth off.

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