Geraldo Rivera Outdoes Himself, Writes Dumbest Political Tweet Of All Time, Gets Instantly Bashed

Geraldo Rivera Outdoes Himself, Writes Dumbest Political Tweet Of All Time, Gets Instantly Bashed

I don’t think Geraldo Rivera could go any lower.

This man is a complete and total moron.

He makes Juan Williams look like a political genius.

Geraldo, who is all over the political map — one minute he’s a flaming liberal, next he’s a neocon, and the next breath he’s trying to be a libertarian.

He makes no sense most of the time, but he’s actually outdone himself with this latest absurd tweet.

Geraldo took to Twitter where he wrote this: “Liz Cheney for POTUS”

Can you imagine anything more asinine and out of touch?

Cheney is poised to lose her primary by 20-30 points, she’s the most hated woman in the Republican Party, and a few fringe TDS Dems only like her because of her silly January 6th stunt, the second she talks about being pro-life, they turn on her like rabid dogs.

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But Geraldo thinks this is the woman to lead the nation?

What an absolute buffoon.

Popular pro-Trump Twitter account “Catturd” shared the tweet and said this: “Geraldo Rivera for a straightjacket and rubber room. 😂”

Needless to say, Geraldo got chewed up and spit out pretty quickly:

“Yeah that guy needs the padded wall suite STAT!!!!! Has for a long time”

“Dude are you doing rocks with Hunter?”

“I think her nomination is locked in a safe somewhere, Geraldo. Go open it” 

“This is what happens when you have one too many mimosas with the girls at Sunday brunch and they dare you to tweet the dumbest thing you can think to say.”

“He was semi cool 20 years ago, Jill would say this Taco has expired.”

“He’s never been the same since that stupid empty tomb” 

“22 days until Liz Cheney’s political career is effectively over! Her obsession with President Trump ensured it. The only thing Cheney will be president of in the future is a local book club…because her time on the J6 one is coming to an end. A REAL investigation is coming.”

“Geraldo is a comedian now?”

“Does he really believe there are that many Dems who will vote for her.”

“He needs a rubber room and a gag. I’ve never been so eager to hear a guy stop talking.”

“Clearly never recovered from the shock of Al Capone’s vault being empty.”

“We knew Geraldo was one of the sickos when he tweeted himself half naked”

“Signs of head trauma: 1. Nausea or vomiting 2. Fatigue or drowsiness 3. Tweeting “Liz Cheney for POTUS” 4. Problems with speech”

“Liz Cheney for *PRISON”

“Liz Cheney for Wallmart greeter”

Perhaps Geraldo wanted attention, but I actually believe this guy is dumb enough, that he really thinks Liz Cheney is a “political rockstar.”

The typical liberal elite — they’re just so out-of-touch with the average American, and they don’t care.

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