Mission: Impossible” Director Shares Tom Cruise’s Jaw Dropping Aerial Stunt Pic to Honor Star’s 60th Birthday

Mission: Impossible” Director Shares Tom Cruise’s Jaw Dropping Aerial Stunt Pic to Honor Star’s 60th Birthday

Tom Cruise is on top of the world.


Literally, in this new stunt pic from the “Mission: Impossible” movie… he’s on top of everything, sort of…

But seriously, Tom’s riding high off of the success of “Top Gun Maverick,” which has taken the entire world by storm.

It’s an all-American/patriotic movie that is free of all the woke nonsense Hollywood is usually shoving down our gullets.

And for that, we thank Tom.

He’s bringing back the good ol’ days of movies, again, and in depressing “Biden” times like this, we all need an escape, right?

And did you know it’s Tom’s birthday?

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He’s turning 60 years old.


That’ll make ya feel old, right?

Anyway, the director of the new “Mission: Impossible” film shared a jaw-dropping picture of Cruise performing his own aerial stunt for the film.

Deadline reported that Tom Cruise’s frequent collaborator and Mission: Impossible director Christopher McQuarrie wished the star a happy 60th birthday on Sunday by sharing a new behind-the-scenes photo that appears to be taken from the eighth M:I movie, Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning – Part Two (check it out below).


While McQuarrie did not add any context about the image, it sees Cruise hanging off the wing of a mid-roll vintage red biplane — similar to the one we saw in a pre-recorded message Cruise sent from the South Africa set of the film during CinemaCon in April.

Here’s a closeup of the picture:

That’s an amazing photo.

Tom Cruise is known for constantly pushing the limits in his self-performed stunts.

This is a really cool viral video that shows how these stunts are pulled off. It’s got over 10 million views.


Tom’s birthday was actually on July 3.

He spent his birthday on Sunday at the British Formula 1 Grand Prix, where he was supporting pal and seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton.


We hope he had a great day!

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