James Woods Calls Out One Scary “Nightmare” About Owning Electric Cars that Nobody Has Mentioned

James Woods Calls Out One Scary “Nightmare” About Owning Electric Cars that Nobody Has Mentioned

If you want to own an electric car, I say go for it. Knock yourself out.


My mom is one of the staunchest Trump supporters around, and when she drove a few years back, she had a Prius hybrid.

If it suits your lifestyle and it makes sense for you, go for it.

But what we don’t need is the government trying to strong-arm us into buying an electric car, just so they can fulfill their crazy climate cult religion.

Right now, Joe Biden is basically punishing and blackmailing Americans into buying electric cars, by pushing these ungodly high gas prices.

And he’s not shy about telling you what he’s really up to.

He and his cronies keep saying this is a time of “great transition,” or “great re-set” as it’s more widely known.

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But there are a lot of reasons the left’s “Green New Deal” lifestyle will not work in America… at least not right now.

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One of the biggest reasons is infrastructure.

We don’t have the ability right now to handle all the electric cars that need to be charged, imagine adding millions and millions more?

It’d be a chaotic, absurd mess. 

You already have these ungodly long lines, where people are waiting hours and hours to get a charge on their car so they can make it from point A to point B, and you want to make that worse, by forcing millions more into the que?

Joe doesn’t care, trust me, he’ll be in a gas-powered car, the whole time…

But besides all that, there’s one very serious “nightmare” that James Woods just brought up, that nobody else is even talking about.

He calls it the “unspoken nightmare” for women who own electric cars and are forced to sit for hours at these charging stations by themselves…

My gosh, yes…

I’ve never even thought about this, but he’s right.


Here’s what James said in a tweet: “The unspoken nightmare of owning an electric vehicle is the safety issue. A woman alone forced to sit for an hour charging her EV on a dark highway is not a comforting scenario, except to the roving gangs of hoodie thugs roaming our streets and highways.”

James linked this Fox News article that found Americans’ biggest hesitation about buying an electric car is “logistics.”

Basically, what I talked about above, with the lack of infrastructure.

But James takes it a step further and points out the very real scenario of a woman, alone, on a dark highway, changing her car for hours, like a sitting duck for bad guys who are roaming the streets.

That is a very real scenario that could happen to anyone, and I’d be curious to see the stats on women who’ve been attacked at charging stations.

I couldn’t find any actual stats, but I found this article from Clean Technica:

I can’t count how many times I was harassed when I ducked by the Circle K just to grab an energy drink for work when I worked in retail — and I don’t even have a car. “Hey, little lady, where you going? I can give you a ride? No? Okay, you ugly b*tch.”

There are countless stories of women being harassed at gas stations. Just last month in Atlanta, a woman was shot and killed at a gas station. So, our friends at IrishEVs are making an excellent point about safety at EV charging sites — especially women’s safety.

In November, IrishEVs wrote this article addressing safety and security at EV charging points and then followed that up with this one pointing out the need for EV charging operators to take women’s safety seriously. In the first article, IrishEVs highlighted Maddie Moat, who presented a beginners guide series for Fully Charged. In 2020, she flagged concerns about a lack of lighting and the positioning of public EV chargers.


Moate described a scenario that women face countless times in a variety of ways. She was trying to find an EV charger and it was late. There was hardly any lighting and she felt extremely vulnerable. She was alone and stuck in a situation where she couldn’t drive away. She noted that this isn’t the case for all EV charging points, but many of them are hidden away in car parks, behind pubs and business centers, or in other places she wouldn’t go by herself at night.

I also want to call attention to the carjackings that have been happening in New Orleans. I am not sure if other cities are having a rise in these types of crimes, but EV charging sites are extremely vulnerable to these types of crimes. In New Orleans, one Tesla owner was almost carjacked when he narrowly escaped. Although he wasn’t at a charging site — he was actually driving when it occurred — one can imagine a woman at a gas station or an EV charger late at night when these types of crimes happen.

And here’s a tweet from a woman by the name of Maddie Moate:

I’ve been pondering why I felt so stressed about struggling to find an #EV charger last night… I had 30 miles left and this morning I was able to solve the problem pretty quickly. Then it hit me. It was dark, past 10pm, I was alone in a car park and I was scared. 1/4

I’m fed up of charging in pitch black car parks when I’m by myself (often on the phone to get a machine restarted). I’ve realised one of the reasons I feel vulnerable is because I’m a solo woman hanging about in the dark, in a situation where I can’t necessarily drive away. 2/4

Obviously this isn’t the case for ALL charge points and this only happens when I’m on the road, but so many of them are tucked away in car parks, behind pubs, at business centres etc. Places I would never go by myself at night. 3/4

Why are these public charge points not installed with lights? It would instantly make them feel safer and less intimidating. Am I alone or do other women (or anyone) feel the same?

Well, it looks like James is really onto something here.

This isn’t being widely talked about AT ALL, but it’s happening out there — women are scared, and you can’t blame them.

It’s scary enough going to a fully lit/manned gas station for 10 minutes, let alone sitting there alone, at a dark, charging station for an hour.


This is something that needs to be discussed, among a lot of other things that just don’t add up right now when it comes to implementing this “mass green energy” program.

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