Watch: James Woods Can’t Believe This Brutal Video Of Joe And Hunter That He Just Discovered

Watch: James Woods Can’t Believe This Brutal Video Of Joe And Hunter That He Just Discovered

You may have seen this video before, but it looks like James Woods just found it.


But you’ve gotta remember, James stepped away from politics for about a year, so it’s not surprising that he hasn’t seen it.

However, the video is so powerful that it deserves a second go-’round, so that’s why I’m sharing it with you today.

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If you haven’t seen it, you’re in for a treat — as James says, it’s brutal and a work of true “meme art.”

Somebody when hunting on YouTube and found an old Senate speech from Joe Biden. It was just after his ’94 Drug Bill passed and he was pontificating on the Senate floor about crack cocaine and how if anyone was caught with just a “quarter-size” amount, they’d go to jail for 5 years…

Anyone? Really, Joe?

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Well, they edited that Biden/Senate footage so you see and hear Joe speaking tough on drugs on the left side of your screen, while Hunter Biden lights up and smokes crack on the right side.

Rules for thee, but not for me, right?

I just don’t think you can get more brutal than that.

I know James was pretty blown away…



Here’s what people online are saying:

“Rep Val Demings once said, ” no one is above the law.” Think that applies here? 

“Rules for thee… not for…. well… my son, to be honest.”

“So Joe. What the hell changed ??”

“When is Hunter going to be held accountable Joe?”

“Hunter also bought a handgun illegally.” 

“The only person in America who never gets held accountable is Hunter Biden” 

“Here is your president America and his son smoking crack while video taping every light up. This is the man “you” voted for not “me” 

“Hypocrisy starts from the seat of the President.”

“Sit down and shut up Joe! Sick of your hypocritical nonsense”

“Joe has been a hypocrite and a liar his entire miserable career” 

“And Joe wonders why nobody in America likes him? Before the internet he could keep all his shit hidden, now it’s all out there” 

That last person makes a good point.


The internet has been a very difficult Hurdle for old-school politicians to jump over or even maneuver, especially for the big-time crooks and scumbags like Biden, and the Clintons.

So many skeletons…

And their past is so fake and phony, so it’s so easy to use it against them in very creative ways.

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