[VIDEO] Jill Biden Smiles, Waves, and Thanks a Man Who Tells Her Joe is WORST “President” in US History

[VIDEO] Jill Biden Smiles, Waves, and Thanks a Man Who Tells Her Joe is WORST “President” in US History

Things are getting so bad, that Jill Biden can’t even walk the streets without being heckled.

I am not exactly sure where this happened; I know she was recently here in Michigan, but I guess it doesn’t really matter because everybody dislikes the Bidens.

Jill was walking into a building, with Secret Service at her side, when a very loud, and very annoyed heckler decided to give her a piece of his mind, and I gotta tell you, this guy pretty much speaks for all of us, especially when he told Jill she owes us all “gas money.”

Here’s what went down: “Your husband is the worst President we ever had, you OWE us gas money” Jill Biden: THANK YOU”

What an idiot.

You can watch the video below:

Here’s what people online are saying:

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“it’s a shame these scumbags can still walk the streets” 

“You owe us gas money is the best line ever” 

“She knows we all hate her husband, she’s just trying to keep the Joe Show rolling” 

“I legitimately thought that was Alice Cooper in a dress”

“They’re traitors and they know it!”

“I love the laughter from the agents. Even they know it’s true.”

“Who is picking out Jill’s clothes? They’re awful” 

“81 million votes my ass. Nobody likes these clowns.”

“The dumbest and most tone-deaf ever “

Oh, don’t be fooled, Jill Biden knows perfectly well how the country feels about her senile, frail husband.

But she’s a TOP HANDLER, and her job is to make it appear like everything is fine, at all times.

And that’s what she’s doing here… she’s hoping to God that she can drown out the man’s heckling with her shrill screams of “Thank You.”

Sadly for Jill, it didn’t work.

Not even close. 

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