[VIDEO] Jill Biden’s On a Roll, This Time She Says The “Quiet Part” Of The “Big Plan” Out Loud

[VIDEO] Jill Biden’s On a Roll, This Time She Says The “Quiet Part” Of The “Big Plan” Out Loud

Jill Biden’s been on a roll lately.

First, it was her brilliant idea to get Joe out of the White House and “speaking” directly to the American people.

Jill still thinks it’s 1992, and her husband has most of his brain intact.

Or maybe she thinks the medication cocktail they pump into his body works a helluva lot better than it actually does.

Because her idea was to get Joe out in front of the American people, talking, like he used to in the good ol’ days… that way, he could explain what a “GREAT” economy this was, and make everyone understand how good things actually were…

So, how did that plan work?

Well, Joe’s approval numbers tanked even lower, because the man can’t actually speak, and the American people don’t like him and would prefer if he just stayed in the White House basement for the next two years.

Strike one, Jill.

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Next, Jill hit the trail herself, and called Hispanics “breakfast tacos,” and she caught hellfire and brimstone for that crack.

Strike two, Jill.

Now, she’s back, and this time Jill is saying the “quiet part” out loud about the left’s plan to indoctrinate America’s kids into the progressive religion.

Jill is now claiming that schools are where “policies become people.”

Oh, my…

Um, no, Jill, it should actually be the complete opposite of that…

You can watch the video below:

Here’s what people online are saying:

“It’s quite the opposite. We are telling you to do your job and not to indulge your fantasy.”

“Jill’s Policies are POISONOUS!”

“I think Jill has a lot more to do with this “reset” than some of us realize” 

“This is what happens when you let a babysitter run the country.”

“When the bad guys proclaim their crimes in the open is the sign of the time of their demise. Thank you, Jill. God bless you, you’re gunna need it where you’re heading.”

“Joe Biden to teachers: “They’re all our children.” At the time, he said it’s to help them “reach their potential.” The reality is to push the agenda on the children through repetitious programming and groom where they can.”

“Patriotic parents need to pull their children from Democrat and leftists schools, period.”

The left successfully went after college-age kids with this plan, and now they’re going after grade school kids.

It’s up to us to stop them this time.

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