Ted Cruz Was So Dumbfounded By Jill Biden’s “Taco” Comment, That He Responded TWICE

Ted Cruz Was So Dumbfounded By Jill Biden’s “Taco” Comment, That He Responded TWICE

What was Jill Biden thinking when she compared the uniqueness of Hispanics to San Antonio’s “breakfast tacos?”


She wasn’t thinking.

Jill is a filthy rich, clueless elderly woman, who doesn’t understand politics and pays other people to write her words for her.

And those other people have very little understanding or respect for minorities.

The typical white liberal looks at Blacks and Hispanics as stereotypes, and lesser folks, who can’t do anything without a white person’s help.

It’s truly the definition of “racism.”

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And Jill’s speech, where she compared Hispanics to a breakfast taco, is proof of that.

The internet was shocked by what Jill said, and nobody was more dumbfounded than Ted Cruz who actually responded not once but TWICE to Jill’s absurd taco video.

The first time he responded was just an, “Um…what?”

Yes, that’s how most of us felt, Ted…

The next response was a description of his favorite breakfast tacos.


Ha ha ha.

Here’s what Ted said:

Ted made me hungry… I’m seriously thinking of making breakfast tacos today.

But seriously, this is an ongoing problem with the Bidens.

Remember when Joe claimed Black people didn’t know how to use the internet?

They really believe this nonsense.

Can you imagine being a Dem political operative looking at the failing Hispanic support numbers, and saying, “Hey, Jill, we need to reach out to Hispanics, give a speech, and compare them to tacos… That outta boost our numbers…”


It’s unthinkable, yet, here we are… this is who the Dem party is: a bunch of really elitist, snobby rich white people who have no clue who Blacks and Hispanics really are, and don’t care to know, either.

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