Many Believe These Recent Photos Prove There’s “Elder Abuse” Going On

Many Believe These Recent Photos Prove There’s “Elder Abuse” Going On

Is there any doubt that Jill Biden is the big boss?


The #1 Handler, and the nursemaid from hell?

Well, if anyone was doubtful, these four pictures I am about to share with you should prove that the good “doctor” is wearing the pants and calling the shots, and her elder-abused husband has no say, whatsoever.

The first photo shows Jill and Joe engaged in conservation, Joe appears to be arguing his point very passionately. He’s holding a newspaper and speaking to Jill, who is standing there, totally in charge, with her hands in the pockets of her ugly dress.

In the next photo, you see Joe looking at Jill as she appears to talk. I’d say that Joe was looking “intently,” but he just looks too confused to use that word.

Regardless, he’s really looking deeply at her, and it looks like he’s straining to understand whatever she’s saying.

The newspaper he was holding in the first picture isn’t visible anymore.

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Her shoulders are very squared-off, and her hands remain in her pockets.

Total alpha-stance.

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Her stiff body language makes it look like she’s angry.

Joe looks confused and sad.

Like a child. 

In the next photo, Jill is clearly talking to a sad and frowning Joe.

Again, he looks like a child that’s about to burst into tears.

He’s looking down at the ground as if he’s defeated, ashamed, and sad.

Jill’s still squared-off, stiff, and still has her hands in her pockets.

In the final picture, Joe and Jill are walking in separate directions.

Jill still looks stiff and unforgiving. You can “feel” that she’s pissed as she walks off.

We can now see the newspaper is in Joe’s other hand.

His expression is one of defeat and sadness.

He looks like a child who was just scolded by his mother.


And in reality, that’s probably pretty close to what happened.

This looks and feels like elder abuse.

Here’s what people online are saying:

This is sad. A story told in four parts about elder abuse. Awful.”

“Almost feel bad for Fake President in Poopy Pants.. almost never”

“A mama and her baby boy”

“What is it with her and the lemon prints? A reflection of her personality, perhaps?”

“Jill wears the pants and Joe poops in them”

“What’s with Jill always wearing fruit or flowered recycled shower curtains?”

“leader of the free world lol”

“He looked like a sad puppy in this pic”

“This is pathetic and embarrassing for BOTH of them” 

“Joe: “I want pudding while I look at the pictures in the newspaper!”
Jill: “No! You cannot have pudding until after you take a nap!”
Joe: “I never get my way.”

“Looks like a skit from Carrol Burnet show.”

In a “normal situation,” you’d look at photos like this and think it was just an intimate, personal moment between husband and wife caught on camera.

But this isn’t normal.


So, it looks and feels like an elder abuse moment between a fed-up handler and a confused dementia patient caught on camera.

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