[VIDEO] Biden Appears to Go 17 Seconds Without Blinking, in Bizarrely “Hyped-Up” And “Angry” Message

[VIDEO] Biden Appears to Go 17 Seconds Without Blinking, in Bizarrely “Hyped-Up” And “Angry” Message

Many people saw this and wondered if Biden was juiced up on Adderall. I dunno, but he looks like he’s on something. Who doesn’t blink for 17-seconds straight? That’s weird. And why was he so hyped-up and angry, too? He’s so pissed off about January 6th, which happened like two years ago, where the only person who died was an unarmed Trump supporter, but he doesn’t care one single bit about the left-wing “Summer of Love” where BLM and Antifa burned down the country, intimidated and injured innocent Americans, and 21 people died? He isn’t “mad” about that. He’s just pissed off and refusing to blink over Chuck Schumer’s vandalized fax machine.

This is one of the strangest 17-seconds you’ll watch. Joe looks and sounds like he’s “on” something. Not sure why the official “Democrat” Twitter account would look at this clip and think, “Yes! Americans will love this!”  If they thought that, they are more out of touch than we realized.


Here’s what people are saying:

“Seriously though for second. Why isn’t he blinking?”

“Our country was founded on, what the British would’ve called, an insurrection.”

“Someone want to tell him how our country started?”

“He said all that and didn’t blink once, that’s weird.” 

“They’ve got this guy so juiced up on Addreall, that he can’t even blink.” 

“This is a doctored video, right? Please tell me this isn’t real. He looks like a madman” 

“This guy is not there. His eyes are just empty. Scary”

“Did his cue card tell him he couldn’t blink?” 

“What is wrong with his face?”

“FFS… They loaded the dementia patient up on so much adrenaline that he doesn’t even blink.”

“End quote. Blink eyes.”

“I watched this without sound and it is one of the creepiest things I have ever seen. His eyes….”

In all honesty, I don’t know why they just don’t let this guy sleep for a few days while he’s got COVID. It’s not like we need him around or anything. I think we can all get by without the senile old guy, as a matter of fact, I think we’d be better off. But no, the Handlers keep trotting him out, and it’s looking really forced and awkward, because he doesn’t look good, at all, and he sounds like a lunatic, to boot.

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