[VIDEO] For The 4th Time, Biden’s “COVID” Symptoms Change, Many Say It Sounds Like He’s Declining

[VIDEO] For The 4th Time, Biden’s “COVID” Symptoms Change, Many Say It Sounds Like He’s Declining

I am not a doctor, obviously, but I don’t think this sounds good.

Let’s think about this…

When Biden first caught COVID we were told he was “asymptomatic.”

Soon after, we were told that Joe had “mild symptoms.”

Then, everything changed, and we were told he had body aches, sore throat, and his cough was increasing…

Now, keep in mind, he’s been on PAXLOVID, and he had 2 vaccines, and like 47 boosters… and he’s still getting stronger and stronger symptoms.

And now, today, we’ve got yet another change to Biden’s COVID.

Now, we’re hearing that he has a respiratory infection.

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People think this is odd, and many have a feeling he’s declining:

“This doesn’t sound good. Does he have pneumonia?” 

“I can’t stand this guy, but wouldn’t wish death on him, but this sounds like it’s more serious than they’re saying it is” 

“Why is Asish Jha providing the update and not the WH physician?”

“So He’s Declining.”

“79 year old with “ mild respiratory illness” sure”

“He’s eating Ivermectin for breakfast lunch and dinner”

“RIP Joe, this doesn’t sound good.” 

“Highly unusual that this isn’t Biden’s doctor giving the White House updates on Biden’s medical condition. You have to ask yourself why not?”

“The big question is: Is Joe Biden still eating his whole plate of food? Can you show it to us, Ashish Jha? CAN YOU?”

“I have a feeling Joe isn’t doing so hot” 

“It’s called pneumonia”

When you’re 79, frail, and weak, and appear to have a slew of other medical issues, there is nothing “mild” about a respiratory illness.

It sounds like Joe’s situation is getting worse.

Clearly, he went from “mild” to now respiratory illness, and he’s barely even into the virus yet. It’s only been a couple of days.

If they want him to get better, his best chance is Ivermectin.

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