Joe Biden’s COVID Symptoms Have Suddenly Changed… Is He Okay?

Joe Biden’s COVID Symptoms Have Suddenly Changed… Is He Okay?

Well, looks like Joe Biden went from “asymptomatic” to “mild symptoms” to several COVID symptoms piling up, and we’re just a day or so into this thing.

Doctors are now saying Joe Biden, who is currently taking meds to feel better, is actually dealing with new symptoms, like body aches, sore throat, and more coughing.

If Joe was a healthy older guy, I wouldn’t wonder how he is — but he’s not healthy.

He’s frail and weak and looks like he could barely find his way out of a bathroom stall without a great deal of help.

So, his increase in symptoms seems worrisome, but of course, the WH is playing it off and claiming Joe is just working his tail off.

Okay, Handlers, sure bet. 

I’m surprised they haven’t forced him to get on a bike and ride it around the swamp to prove his virility.

Fox News reports that Biden has developed body aches and a sore throat but is tolerating the Paxlovid treatment for COVID-19 well, his doctor said Saturday.

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Dr. Kevin C. O’Connor, physician to the president, said preliminary sequencing indicated Biden has contracted the BA5 variant, the most common coronavirus variant in the U.S. right now.

“President Biden completed his second full day of PAXLOVID last night,” O’Connor said. “His symptoms continue to improve. His primary symptoms, though less troublesome, now include sore throat, rhinorrhea, loose cough and body aches.”

Biden is undergoing treatment with Paxlovid, which is currently authorized for the treatment of “mild-to-moderate COVID-19.” The antiviral drug has been proven to curb the worst effects of the disease, showing positive results of direct viral testing for those at high risk of progressing to severe COVID-19, according to the Food and Drug Administration.

Strange that he’d even need “treatment.” I thought if you took the vax, that meant you’d have the mildest of symptoms with nothing to worry about, right?

Actually, Joe, Fauci, and other leaders told us of if you take the vax, you wouldn’t catch COVID again.


I wonder why our dear leader spread so much COVID disinformation?

As it stands now, Joe Biden isn’t looking too good. I saw a video of him, “working” with COVID, and he looks like a hostage who hasn’t had food or water in 12 days.

I don’t know why the Handlers are trotting this old, sickly man out for video and photos ops. Just let him go to bed, my God, this looks and feels like additional elder abuse.

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