Look What Somebody Did to The Spot Where Joe Fell Off His Bike… LOL

Look What Somebody Did to The Spot Where Joe Fell Off His Bike… LOL

Sometimes I really love people… people that just go the extra mile to mock the elites are aces in my book.


They warm my heart.

Remember, there’s nothing the elites hate more than being mocked.

You can call them hypocrites, liars, and cheaters, they won’t care. But the moment you mock and laugh at them, their world crumbles.

And speaking of that, as I was strolling through the internet this morning, I happened upon something that I know you’ll find amusing.

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It turns out that somebody has “marked” the exact spot where Joe Biden fell off his bike.

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They commemorated the very spot with a lovely message, so nobody would forget that day… the day when Joe’s Handlers planned to gaslight and manipulate the American people by getting footage of Shaky Joe riding a bike, so they could brush off any talk that he was “unfit” to hold office… but karma had a different plan, and Joe went down like a sack of hammers… proving yet again, that he’s a frail, confused man, whose motor skills are shot.


Here’s the photo:

Here’s a closeup of the photo:


A very simple message, nothing fancy… just “Joe Fell Here.”


Here’s what people are saying online, and also a slew of hilarious memes”

“They could put a scenic view plackard there.”


“Where’s the body outline chalk?”



“Like the Hollywood Walk of Stars, except no stars.”

“It was his own asphalt. lol”

“joe fell here… stopping to smell a child”


“I propose a statue we can then pull down after a couple of months”

“Vandalize it with paint or tar first then you rip it down. Got do it right ”



Those were all great!


It serves Joe and his Handlers right for trying to pull a fast one on the American people with staged photos of a senile man riding a bike.

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