After Latest “Hunter Leak,” One Trump Supporter Asks, “Do You Kiss Your Granddaughter Like This?”

After Latest “Hunter Leak,” One Trump Supporter Asks, “Do You Kiss Your Granddaughter Like This?”

Have you heard of Pedo Peter?


It’s a nickname that some people believe Hunter gave to his father.

That’s the latest disturbing scuttlebutt from a reported “hacking” of Hunter’s iCloud account.

A group from the website “4Chan” claim they hacked into the iCloud and obtained thousands of messages and images between Hunter and various people.

This claim has not been verified. 

In one screenshot they claim is from the “hack,” you see a group text between Hunter and several family members, and someone named “Pedo Peter.” It appears as though that person Hunter labeled as “Pedo Peter” may be his father, Joe Biden.

Joe Biden has been rumored to use the name “Peter” as a pseudonym, for years now.

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So, in light of the latest disturbing leaks, and the “Pedo Peter” name, one Trump supporter posted several photos of Joe Biden with his granddaughter, asking, “Do you kiss your granddaughter like this?”

Also, let’s not forget that Joe’s daughter Ashley wrote in her diary that her father would take “inappropriate showers” with her when she was young.

She also believes those showers may have contributed to her “sex addiction.”

Dear god…

So, you can understand why people are very concerned about these photos.

When we first saw these types of kisses back in 2020, Americans were horrified.

The New York Post even ran a story about it, because it disturbed so many people.



Here’s what people online said, when asked if they kissed their granddaughter’s the way Joe does:

“What an absolute creep!”

“Nope. and I don’t shower with her either.”

“This made my skin crawl”

“hey, pedo peter that’s wrong!”

“What a f**ked up family”

“This isn’t normal, everyone.” 

“Freak show family.”

“Can you just imagine for one second of this was Trump and how the media would react?” 

“This guy is totally a sicko”

“You know how people tell you to trust that gut feeling you get in the pit of your stomach? Well, I look at these pics, and I get that feeling about Joe” 

I can say with 100 percent certainty, that both of my grandfathers loved me and were very affectionate, but neither one of them ever kissed me in this way, and if they did, I would have reported it to my parents.


Given everything we’ve seen from Joe, with how he treats young girls, the stories we’ve heard from his daughter, and the porn addiction and sex addiction his kids have suffered through, it’s understandable that people see THIS and are extremely disturbed.

It’s not normal, and anyone who tells you it is should have their hard drives examined by the FBI.

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