[VIDEO] “There Are Drugs That Can Increase Alertness, Memory, Temporarily Cover Up Cognitive Issues” – Dr. Jackson

[VIDEO] “There Are Drugs That Can Increase Alertness, Memory, Temporarily Cover Up Cognitive Issues” – Dr. Jackson

There’s been a renewed focus on Joe Biden’s cognitive issues after Tucker Carlson dropped a bombshell.

He says a source who was there, watched Jill Biden supervise her husband being given large doses of meds to “function” during the 2020 election.

You’ll recall how bad off Joe was two years ago — they kept him in the basement most of the time.

However, he’s much, much worse now, and Rep Jackson, the former WH physician for Obama, says that this isn’t sustainable anymore, and the left knows it, that’s why they’re now throwing Joe and his broken brain under the bus.

But Dr. Jackson says that there are definitely drugs available that can increase alertness and memory, and even temporarily cover up cognitive issues.

Bizpacreview reported that Jackson, a retired U.S. Navy admiral, contended that “This man is not in control, and he’s not leading this country. Something else is going on behind the scenes, and there are other people pulling the strings, and that is very concerning for us…all of our adversaries see this as a window of opportunity right now.

“Everyone is gonna try to get away with everything they can before [Biden is] done, talking about China, and Russia, and Iran and everybody. This is putting our country at great risk right now.”

Jackson recalled how former President Obama scolded him for questioning Biden’s acuity. In that context, Jackson also mentioned the double-standard by the corporate media.

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“You remember when I was President Trump’s physician, the far left, the elites in academic medicine, the mainstream media, they were relentless in their pursuit of me. They were constantly coming after me about testing and President Trump’s mental and his physical capabilities. And then here we have a president that’s clearly got something going on, and its crickets…”

Jackson implied that the end game for the Democrats was to populate the White House with Obama administration retreads who are actually running the country with Biden as a figurehead as a way to implement Barack’s third term behind the scenes.

“We don’t know the answer to that if it’s Susan Rice, or Ron Klain, or if it’s Joe Biden, or who it is….They’re doing exactly what you said; they’re rolling him out at specific times during the day; he’s got good days and bad days. Whether or not they have him on drugs, I don’t know. There are drugs out that that can increase your alertness, and your memory, and things of that nature, and cover stuff like this up temporarily…”

Jackson also claimed that Biden’s doctor has yet to hold a press conference to discuss the incumbent president’s health in this regard.

He also insisted that Biden will step down from office sometime in the next two years.

“His party’s already slowly starting to abandon him and run away from him because of his polling and because of his cognitive issues and the embarrassment that he’s become for the party. And I think that they will look for opportunity to throw him under the bus in the…next few months and try to get rid of him because…I think that they also know he cannot make it to the end of his term in 2024.”


I think this perfectly explains why we see “two Joes.”

One is disheveled-looking Joe, totally forgetful, looks like he’s walking around in a fog with zero energy; just a senile, frail mess.

The other Joe still seems confused, and forgetful, but not nearly as out of it, he has energy and doesn’t seem “propped up” like a saggy puppet.

I think that’s the difference between a Joe who’s just been given his medical cocktail, and one who hasn’t.

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