If You Think Biden’s a “Dictator,” Just Wait Until You Hear What WH Did With 4 Priceless Norman Rockwell Paintings 

If You Think Biden’s a “Dictator,” Just Wait Until You Hear What WH Did With 4 Priceless Norman Rockwell Paintings 

Well, if you’re going to the White House to admire the artwork, take heed…


There are several new “JUMBO” images of Joe Biden that nobody wants to see.

According to a new report, four priceless images from famed American artist Norman Rockwell were removed and replaced with JUMBO images of Joe Biden.

Yes, Joe Biden… the most unpopular senile buffoon to grace the halls of the White House, is now larger than life in at least 4 gigantic images on the wall.

This is what nightmares are made of.

Nobody is sure why this happened.

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It may be because the Rockwell people asked for the images back, but that has not been confirmed.

For some reason, nobody can go on record and explain why this travesty happened.

Politico reports that The Thomas Crown affair this is not. But priceless pieces of art have been removed from the White House and it’s not yet abundantly clear why.

Four NORMAN ROCKWELL panels of watercolor and black-and-white sketches featuring the White House — which have been displayed in the building since 1978 — have been taken off the walls.

Much of the “So You Want to See the President” series shows various Americans, such as top military officers and senators, waiting in the White House for time with the president. The titles of the sketches are “Gentleman of the Press,” “Beauty and Publicity Man,” “The Press Get a News Flash” and “A Hero is Interviewed.” Objects like the “President’s gas mask,” “the President’s lunch,” and “the Visitors’ Hatrack” are also depicted in the sketches.



BETTY MONKMAN, who worked on the White House curatorial staff from 1967 until 2002 when she retired as its chief curator, told West Wing Playbook the sketches were lent by the descendants of STEVE EARLY, who was FRANKLIN ROOSEVELT’s press secretary. She said Rockwell gave the prints to Early. A person familiar with the matter said that several jumbo photos of Biden have since replaced the Rockwell prints, which also were featured in the “Saturday Evening Post” in 1943.

Good Lord, can you imagine swapping out priceless works of American art by Norman Rockwell for “JUMBO” photos of that dunce, Joe Biden?

It’s like artistic blasphemy. 


The guy with a 27 percent approval rating doesn’t deserve to have his face on anything but a roll of toilet paper.

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