[VIDEO] Joe Was Just Diagnosed With COVID and Exactly 1 Year Ago Today, He Said THIS (Karma is Having FUN)

[VIDEO] Joe Was Just Diagnosed With COVID and Exactly 1 Year Ago Today, He Said THIS (Karma is Having FUN)

I find it hard to believe that Joe Biden has not had COVID until now.

Heck, I don’t even know if I believe he has COVID, maybe the Handlers are just trying to take the heat off of him for falsely declaring he has cancer.

Either way, they’re telling us Biden has tested positive for COVID.

Here’s a closeup of the statement:


And in the most ironic twist, or maybe it’s karma, it was one year ago today that Joe Biden said THIS about the vaccine…

He told the world that if you got the vaccine, you will not get COVID…

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Well, 4 or 5 vaccines later, Joe is now positive for COVID.

How’s that for karma?


I certainly don’t wish Joe any bad health, God knows he’s a big enough mess as it is, although, I do hope this COVOD diagnosis finally convinces his Handlers that it’s time he steps down.

Trust me, I am in no rush to welcome a phony “President Harris” into the fray, but at least she doesn’t have Alzheimer’s and just like Joe, we’ll take her down too.

Bring it on.

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