[VIDEO] Joe Biden Gets Caught Inside The “Trifecta From Hell” in East Jerusalem

[VIDEO] Joe Biden Gets Caught Inside The “Trifecta From Hell” in East Jerusalem

Joe experienced the trifecta from hell in East Jerusalem.

First off, he looked and sounded like death warmed over, with literally zero energy.

It was as if he were moving in slow-motion.


He appeared exhausted, barely able to push his words out, and he was coughing, a lot.

Seriously, he doesn’t look or sound healthy, and many people saw this and instantly thought Joe might have COVID.

After all, how is he the only person on earth who hasn’t caught it?

Joe claims he was coughing because he “swallowed wrong.”

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Here’s what people online are saying:

“The ‘ol down the wrong tube trick…this guys got COVID” 

“He doesn’t sound good. He’s talking so slow, like he has no energy left.” 

“Did they literally just wake him up from a nap to deliver this low energy speech?” 

“It sounds like quad-vaxed Joe got the RONA” 

“I get it that people choke, we’re all human, but this sounds worse than that, he sounds so listless and tired. Could he have Covid?” 

“Joe is mentally and physically sick” 

“Dear god, someone tell this man we don’t need a blow by blow about what’s happening inside his esophagus. Gross” 

Second off, Joe stepped in it yet AGAIN and insulted two of our closest allies (Israel and England) when he told this bizarre story empathizing with the Palestinians:

“…the background of my family is Irish American and we have a long history not fundamentally unlike the Palestinian people, with Great Britain and their attitude toward Irish Catholics over the years for 400 years.”



Here’s what people online are saying:

“Nothing like bashing your two most staunch alliances in one go. Brilliant.”

“Is there anyone he didn’t insult?”

“It’s almost like his handlers are the Impractical Joker guys.”

“Great Britain & Israel watching this like, WTF????” 

“Well it is all about Brandon so who cares who he insults.”

“My God, does he even understand what he’s saying????” 

“He is cooked”

“He’s so low energy, he could barely get those insults out of his mouth” 

“Imagine this guy in 2 years”

And finally, as Joe was leaving the stage, he got confused yet again and didn’t know where to go…


Here’s what people online are saying.

“Somebody forgot his cue cards”

“Jill wasn’t there to keep him from stepping off the balcony.”

“Weakness for the whole world to see.”

“Not knowing which way to go in these moments is a sign that he cannot recognize the group of men that protect him” 

“Imagine the uproar if this was Trump. Seriously. How this is ignored by the media is criminal.”

“The cocktail of drugs they must be giving him just to be able to do these appearances must be phenomenal”

“Joe, most people would just leave the stage, there has to be an exit there somewhere. At least look like you know where you’re going.”

“Hey Jill, you should be ashamed of yourself” 

Joe definitely had a bad go of it in East Jerusalem.

Three strikes and you’re out.

He’s getting so bad, that soon, they won’t even be able to make these trips. In actuality, they should’ve probably skipped this one.


It’s been terrible, and we just got started.

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