One Prominent Political Writer Predicts We’ve Seen The Last of Biden On The World Stage

One Prominent Political Writer Predicts We’ve Seen The Last of Biden On The World Stage

Joe Biden’s Saudi Arabia trip was a real flop.

Not only did he embarrass the United States, as usual, but he also royally pissed off his own base, when he “fist-bumped” the Saudi Crown Prince, MBS, who the left accuses of murdering a WAPO blogger by the name of Jamal Khashoggi.

And why did Joe go all the way to Saudi Arabia, anyway?

To beg for oil? He did that and got some wishy-washy response about maybe getting an increase by 2025 or something.

Honestly, one of his Handlers could’ve done that over the phone.

Besides, Biden will be long gone by 2025, and hopefully, we’ll be back to energy independence, so the trip was a bust, top to bottom.

Biden should have skipped the trip and just went bike riding in Delaware, even if he fell again, it’d still be less painful.

But after this latest disastrous trip, legendary author and podcaster James Howard Kunstler, says that was likely the last time any of us will see Joe Biden on the world stage, ever again.

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God, I hope so…

Here’s what James had to say:

It’s like a crime scene where the forensic experts have entered. The Saudi leader and his entourage only hang around the room for three minutes until the US State Department shoots enough photos to prove that “JB” was there and not stuffed in the basement of his Delaware beach house for the weekend, as usual. The American news media gets briefed: Saudi Arabia graciously agrees to bump up its oil production somewhere in the 2025-2027 time-frame — a triumph for US diplomacy, the networks are informed. Air Force One wings home through clouds of despair. The White House team members spend the flight updating their resumés.


I think we have witnessed “Joe Biden’s” final appearance at any world-stage event. He can do no more for the Party of Chaos. It has done what it can to wreck the joint with him as the pretend head-of-state. The Ukraine gambit is a bust, a foolish miscalculation that was obvious from the start. All it accomplished was to reveal the pitiful dependence of our European allies on Russian oil and gas, leaving their economies good and truly scuppered without it. The Russians end up with control of the Black Sea and probably the Ukraine bread-basket as well. So, now, Europe will starve and freeze.


Moving toward autumn, what we have to look forward to is the blatant desperation of the claque behind “Joe Biden.” Their propaganda machine is going all-out on climate change and renewed Covid hysteria. There are always heat-waves in midsummer. CNN acts shocked that it’s over 100-degrees in Texas. Really? Never seen that before? Meanwhile, behind the news about emerging Omicron sub-variants, the vaccine injuries and deaths mount and the CDC pretends not to notice. They are just lying as usual. You’re used to it. You pretend it’s to be expected. You’ve forgotten that it wasn’t always so. Soon, it will matter.

I think the Handlers have finally come to terms with the fact that Joe Biden is too far gone.

They can’t control his cognitive issues with the “childhood stutter” excuse anymore, and right now, Joe’s blunders are pretty much all everyone’s talking about, even though the media is still trying to ignore them for the most part.

Also, many people feel like the “swap” is coming… Kamala is out there much more than usual, and Jill Biden is talking about Joe’s so-called “presidency” like it’s already over.

Well, she’s right… it was over before it started… cheaters never win.

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