John Bolton Vehemently Insists Jan 6th Was NOT a Coup… “I Should Know, I’ve Planned Many!”

John Bolton Vehemently Insists Jan 6th Was NOT a Coup… “I Should Know, I’ve Planned Many!”

Anyone who seriously thinks January 6 was a “coup” needs their head examined.


I know nobody in the DC Swamp actually believes this hooey, they all know it wasn’t a coup, they’re just trying to make something political out of this, for the second time.

But there are some really dumb Americans who honestly believe a few hundred unarmed rowdies with fanny packs and water bottles, can actually overpower the entire US government.

It’s quite a stretch of stupidity…

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And it’s insulting that we all have to sit here, playing along with this nonsense.

It’s like being forced to humor a room full of idiots.

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And speaking of idiots, there’s one who’s had a moment of clarity and put aside his Stage 5 TDS, and is actually speaking the truth for once in his miserable life.

It’s none other than John Bolton, and he’s explaining to CNN, that no, sorry, J6 was NOT a coup — not by a long shot… and she should know, he’s planned a bunch of them.

Western Journal reported that Bolton appeared on CNN, where he vehemently insisted there was no way the events of Jan. 6, 2021, constituted a coup.

On the other hand, he asserted (rather casually, it must be said) that he knew this because he’d planned a coup or two before, and this definitely wasn’t one.


Whatever you think the lede ought to be from the interview, it was a blow to those trying to weave a grand narrative in which the Capitol incursion was a concerted attempt by the president to overthrow the government of the United States: Bolton, who has accused Trump of impeachable crimes in print, is ruling out any sort of grand conspiracy on the part of the former president. Take that as you will.



There were over 100K people at the January 6th event.

In light of how many people were there, and how angry everyone was, it was definitely a mostly peaceful protest with a small, but manageable ruckus.


The real tragedy in all of this was that an innocent US vet was murdered in cold blood for no reason.

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